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Vanderbilt players celebrate a walk-off win over Maryland (Eric Sorenson)


SEC Season in Review: Vanderbilt

SEC Extra

Record: 42-20 (19-11)

Lineup MVP: RJ Schreck

The Duke transfer slotted into the Vanderbilt lineup in 2023 and was instantly exactly the same kind of player he was for the Blue Devils, which is to say a steady lineup centerpiece and power threat. He finished the season batting .306/.454/.588 with 15 doubles, 14 home runs, 59 RBIs and 48 walks compared to 32 strikeouts. 

Pitching Staff MVP: Devin Futrell

Futrell was Vanderbilt’s steadiest starting pitcher in any context in 2023, but particularly when you view it through the lens of Hunter Owen and Carter Holton both having missed time with[…]