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Weekend 10 Recap – Highway to Hoover Podcast

SEC Extra

On this episode of Highway to Hoover, Joe Healy and Mark Etheridge recap Weekend 10 around the SEC. They discuss the blockbuster series between Tennessee and Kentucky, the ejection of Vanderbilt’s JD Thompson, A&M continuing to roll and the postseason paths for LSU and Ole Miss.

01:15 Highlight Series: Kentucky vs. Tennessee Showdown
10:40 Florida vs. Vanderbilt: Controversy and Consequences
20:43 Alabama’s RPI Watch and SEC Standings Analysis
27:50 Arkansas and South Carolina: A Battle of Consistency
34:01 Highlighting Hagen Smith’s Exceptional Season
37:31 Diving Into LSU and Mizzou’s Series Outcomes
43:52 Mississippi State’s Sweep and Auburn’s Struggles
50:35 Ole Miss and Georgia: A Missed Opportunity and a Surprising Contender
59:58 Wrapping Up with Postseason Predictions and Updates

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