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Weekend 9 Recap – Highway to Hoover Podcast

SEC Extra

On this episode of Highway to Hoover, Joe Healy and Mark Etheridge recap Weekend 9 around the SEC. They discuss Alabama’s series win over No. 1 Arkansas, Kentucky moving to 14-1 in league play with a sweep of Auburn, Ole Miss getting a much needed series win over rival Mississippi State and much more.

01:26 Weekend Highlights: Alabama’s Triumph Over Arkansas
10:57 The Egg Bowl Series: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State Drama
21:22 LSU’s Struggles and Missouri’s Pitching Prowess
23:24 Spotlight on Charlie Condon: A Walk-On Success Story
24:49 Tennessee’s Pitching Strategy: Adapting to Injuries
28:59 Kentucky’s Impressive Season and Upcoming Challenges
36:59 Vanderbilt’s Struggles and A&M’s Dominance
44:14 South Carolina’s Road Series Win Over Florida

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