Clemson's Blake Wright celebrates his go-ahead grand slam vs. FSU (Aaron Fitt)


Fitt: Impressions from Clemson after another manic comeback

At The Ballpark

CLEMSON, S.C. — It felt like Florida State was trapped in the creepiest fun house at some traveling carnival, with demented clowns popping out of the walls taunting the Seminoles at every turn, and no escape in sight. It felt like the walls were closing in, and all the while an eery, jaunty soundtrack blared through the speakers and drove the Noles further into madness.

After every ball thrown by a Florida State reliever in the late innings of Clemson’s manic comeback from an 11-2 deficit, the PA system pounced, playing that familiar snippet from the Vengaboys’ “We Like to[…]


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