St. John's had a lot to yell about in their 15-7 roll of UConn.


Sorenson: St. John’s responds to adversity in impressive fashion

At The Ballpark

STORRS, Conn. — I had a really difficult Sophie’s Choice-of-a-decision to make today. Which monumental event did I want to go to, the celebration parade for UConn’s national championship basketball team in downtown Hartford? Or go withstand upper-40s temperatures with intermittent sprinkles, gusty winds and battleship-gray skies at the St. John’s-UConn baseball game in Storrs? 

Okay, I admit, I’m just being coy because this one was a no-brainer. 

Of COURSE I decided to go to the wicked-cold baseball game between these two Big East rivals. I love a good cold weather baseball game, you kiddin’ me? And as[…]


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