Texas A&M's Zach DeLoach. (Aaron Fitt)


Breakout Prospect: A&M’s DeLoach Turns The Tide

Summer Baseball

Texas A&M’s Zach DeLoach has turned the tide.

The Cape Cod League and other summer leagues often serve as a second chance and a place where a prospect can go from simply being good to great in both production and in terms of prospect status.

DeLoach, the rising 6-foot-2, 200-pound, outfielder, became yet another example of that this past summer. Not only did DeLoach get his bearings straight as a hitter, he finished the summer as the Cape Cod League’s batting champion, slightly ahead of New Mexico State rising star Nick Gonzales.

Given DeLoach’s tools and natural ability, some wouldn’t be surprised at his production with the Falmouth Commodores. But it is impressive when you consider where he came from to accomplish the feat.

“Well, when he came in, he struggled the first couple of games. He didn’t play great defense and didn’t do a lot at the plate,” Falmouth coach Jeff Trundy said. “But he quickly made adjustments with our assistant [Brett Becker]. They worked closely and really hit it off, and that was key after he was coming off a spring where he didn’t play as well as he’d hoped.

He was open to suggestions and some different things,” Trundy continued. “We never want to make major changes. That’s not our job. But they really hit it off and made some changes to the way he approaches the ball and his rhythm. And really, the rest is history. He went from struggling to hitting everything that was thrown at him. Righthanded or lefthanded, fastball or breaking ball, he was hitting everything. A lot was initiated by Zach, but I do think Brett kind of helped create that spark. Zach really became a cage rat for us, and it paid off.”

While DeLoach is now back on track as a hitter and his prospect status has recovered and even soared, he wasn’t in a great place after the spring.

DeLoach arrived at Texas A&M two years ago with high acclaim. And he met those expectations the first month of the season, hitting well over .300 was earning almost immediate star status with Texas A&M fans. Then, that always pesky freshman slump hit and DeLoach never recovered. He finished that freshman campaign with a .264 average, two home runs and 21 RBIs.

The rising outfielder looked to return to normal as a sophomore last season. But the Aggies struggled immensely as an offensive unit and those struggles permeated over to DeLoach, too. He had a tough spring, finishing the year with a .200 average, three home runs and 16 RBIs. Despite his struggles, DeLoach still approached each plate appearance the same and went to the field with the same work ethic. His time will come, he thought.

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