Auburn parted ways with third-year head coach Sunny Golloway over the weekend, and we take an inside look at 10 candidates the Tigers should consider.


Auburn Hot Board: Potential Targets

Who does the Auburn baseball program turn to, now?

The Tigers made some serious strides as a program last season, as then-coach Sunny Golloway guided the program to a 36-win season and the first NCAA tournament berth since 2010. However, the Tigers parted ways with Golloway this past weekend after he completed his second campaign with the program. Interestingly enough, the Tigers will enter the 2016 season with even higher expectations than just an NCAA regional berth, an intriguing situation a coach will inherit.

With Golloway gone and the drama surrounding that situation not likely to simmer anytime soon, a new coach will take over a program with plenty of potential, but also one with drama, and of course, instability.

Who is the right man for that job? That’s the all-important question as the fallout from Golloway’s dismissal continues. The Tigers already have had some intriguing, and surprising, candidates come to the forefront with interest. And while the Tigers might be inclined to be in a rush to hire a coach, it would be wise this go-round to take their time and find a perfect fit amongst some very suitable candidates.

Auburn’s national coaching search is still in its infant stages, but our staff provides a list, with analysis, of 10 coaches that athletic director Jay Jacobs should take a hard look at.

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