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2024 Midseason Report – The D1Baseball Podcast

The D1Baseball Podcast

On this episode of The D1Baseball Podcast, Mike Rooney, Aaron Fitt and Kendall Rogers discuss midseason awards for college baseball. They also discuss the potential Golden Spikes Award seasons being had by Charlie Condon and Jac Caglianone.

01:48 The Florida Gators Conundrum: Midweek Losses and Weekend Wins
06:58 Midseason Awards Discussion: Top Players and Pitchers
20:35 Freshman Standouts and Coaching Excellence
31:42 Highlighting Unsung Heroes in College Baseball
32:10 Mississippi State’s Postseason Prospects and Coaching Insights
32:48 Spotlight on Kentucky’s Defensive Marvel
33:20 Celebrating the Season’s Biggest Surprise Teams
35:17 The Transfer Portal’s Impact and Player Movements
36:30 Coaching Highlights: From Challenges to Triumphs
40:15 Dissecting the Disappointments: Teams Falling Short
44:45 Emerging Stars: Breakout Players and Prospects
57:18 A Lighthearted Conclusion: Haircuts and Personal Stories

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