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2024 MLB Draft: Midseason Risers – The D1Baseball Podcast

The D1Baseball Podcast

On this episode of The D1Baseball Podcast, Mike Rooney and Aaron Fitt are joined by David Seifert to discuss some of the 2024 MLB Draft prospects who have boosted their stock the most during the first half of the college baseball season.

01:34 The MLB Draft Date Debate: Scouting Community’s Perspective
11:25 Rising Stars: Spotlight on College Baseball’s Top Prospects
22:35 Debating Player Choices: Chase Burns vs Hagen Smith
22:58 Rising Stars: Tennessee Volunteers in the Spotlight
27:20 Florida State’s James Tibbs: The Next Big Thing in College Baseball
30:56 Emerging Pitching Talents: A Look at the Elite Arms
39:04 Scouting Plans and Upcoming Matches

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