Recapping Regionals, Previewing Supers – The D1Baseball Podcast

The D1Baseball Podcast

On the latest episode of The D1Baseball Podcast, Mike Rooney, Aaron Fitt, Kendall Rogers and Joe Healy react to the NCAA Regional round and offer an in-depth look at the upcoming Super Regionals this weekend.

03:43 Underdogs and Cinderella Stories
06:17 Pitching Duels and Home Run Highlights
06:33 UNC’s Impressive Performance
11:23 LSU’s Struggles and Freshman Highlights
14:09 Florida Gators’ Surprising Pitching
16:16 Tennessee vs. Evansville Preview
20:04 Florida State vs. UConn Preview
25:53 Kansas State vs. Virginia Preview
29:15 Virginia’s Remarkable Comeback
30:51 Chapel Thrill Part Two: North Carolina’s Strengths
32:18 West Virginia’s Unpredictable Playing Style
35:20 Kentucky vs. Oregon State: A Heavyweight Battle
39:30 NC State vs. Georgia: Freshmen Arms and Veteran Leadership
44:02 Clemson’s Grit and Florida’s Firepower
49:08 Oregon’s Underdog Spirit vs. Texas A&M’s Potential
55:02 Super Regionals Preview and Predictions

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