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Weekend 13 Reactions – The D1Baseball Podcast

The D1Baseball Podcast

On this episode of the D1Baseball Podcast, Kendall Rogers, Aaron Fitt and Joe Healy recap week 13 around the country. They discuss the series losses to Clemson and Texas A&M, the jumbled bubble situation in the SEC, how the committee will handle the Big 12, Utah’s path to being in the field of 64 and how many Big Ten teams we can expect to see in the postseason.

00:00 Welcome to the D1 Baseball Podcast!
00:20 Introducing the Hosts and Setting the Scene
00:57 The NBA Playoffs vs. College Baseball Season
02:19 Sponsor Shoutouts: S2 Cognition and PitchLogic
03:01 Deep Dive into College Baseball Dynamics
05:29 Exploring the SEC’s Tournament Prospects
15:55 The Surprising State of Texas Tech and Vanderbilt
21:22 ACC Highlights: Pitt’s Unexpected Victory
25:30 Deep Dive into College Baseball Dynamics
26:43 Insider Scoop and Career Advice: The Shane Van Dam Story
27:36 Analyzing North Carolina’s Impressive Season
28:44 ACC Teams’ Postseason Prospects: A Closer Look
29:53 Big 12 Conference Analysis: Teams to Watch
30:36 The Intricacies of NCAA Selection: Big 12’s Dilemma
37:34 Pac 12 Highlights and Predictions
40:32 Sunbelt Conference Showdowns and Predictions
43:09 Big Ten’s Race to the Finish Line
46:04 A Heartfelt Cheer for Maryland Eastern Shore

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