Field of 64 Reactions, Regional Previews – The Schoch Factor Podcast

The Schoch Factor

On this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, Stephen Schoch, Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman react to the selection show and do their best to highlight what they are excited about and looking forward to in each regional.

First, however, they give a nod to some of the fellas who they felt earned themselves a spot in the Field of 64 but got snubbed. It stinks how cutthroat this time of year is, but to those who left it all out there on the field, we thank you!

02:45 Honoring the Players: A Tribute to Adam Cecere
05:12 Conference Tournament Highlights
08:26 Selection Controversies and Committee Bias
20:23 Regional Breakdown: Knoxville and Greenville
24:43 Regional Breakdown: Norman and Tallahassee
30:31 Regional Breakdown: Fayetteville
32:15 Charlottesville Regional Preview
35:31 Tucson Regional Breakdown
39:37 Chapel Hill Regional Insights
42:09 Lexington Regional Analysis
43:59 Corvallis Regional Highlights
46:45 Raleigh Regional Overview
48:53 Athens Regional Discussion
53:45 College Station Regional Preview
56:35 Santa Barbara Regional Breakdown
58:25 Clemson Regional Insights
01:01:20 Stillwater Regional Analysis
01:03:38 Final Thoughts and Farewell

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