Postseason Schott Factor – The Schoch Factor Podcast

The Schoch Factor

On this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, we have a special postseason version of the Schott Factor, where Stephen Schoch once again sits down with Texas A&M’s ever-exciting Hayden Schott to catch up on how he has been since they last talked.

He has been able to do some fun things in the past couple of weeks, such as seeing the SEC Tournament in Hoover for the first time and participating in a home regional and now a super regional. So, we ask him what it was like to be a part of a team that was tasked with such a challenge. We have appreciated getting Hayden’s insight all season long, and selfishly I am hoping for the Aggies to make it to Omaha so I can see my friend Hayden and his friends out there!

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