Rooney Report: College Baseball Friends and College Baseball Scheduling – The Schoch Factor Podcast

The Schoch Factor

In this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, Coach Rooney and Coach Schoch start off by talking about the best element of college baseball, the relationships you make along the way. Coach Rooney started us off by sharing good news about one of his college baseball friends, Pat Murphy, who was just named the new manager of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Coach Schoch scratched the “college baseball friendship itch” in a big way this weekend, by attending one of his former UVA Teammates weddings. The ‘college baseball teammate wedding experience’ is essentially just a big team reunion and it’s one of the best things that comes out of college baseball.

Moving along the guys talk about different “preseason” tournaments they are most excited for, and get into the complexities of what goes into making a college baseball schedules. It’s an action packed episode you won’t want to miss!

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