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On this week’s episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast we take a look back at some of Steve’s travels from the weekend and highlight some of the games he saw at the Charlottesville, Greenville and Chapel Hill Regionals. Also, to be very clear… Steve was in Greenville on Saturday all day and never in Chapel Hill until Sunday morning. 

Then, the guys get ahead to looking at the super regional matchups for this weekend, with eacb giving a look into what they are most excited about with each matchup. Each of the teams that are still standing are doing so because of big-time performances and incredible energy around their program, so make sure to tune in to learn all about what makes these programs so special!

 00:00 Super Regionals Preview and Hershey Park Memories 
02:00 Discussing the Super Regional Teams 
03:05 Steve’s Regional Baseball Adventures 
03:48 Charlottesville Highlights and Ivy League Connections 
07:02 Greenville Drama and the Purple Aces 
12:23 Meeting Angus the Pug and Bus Adventures 
18:43 Chapel Hill and LSU vs. UNC Game 
29:29 Super Regionals Analysis and Matchups 
32:41 Evansville vs. Tennessee 
35:30 Florida State vs. UConn: D3 Legends Rise 
42:22 Virginia vs. Kansas State 
46:42 West Virginia’s Road to Chapel Hill 
50:34 Texas A&M vs. Oregon: A Showdown in College Station 
54:39 Clemson vs. Florida: ACC vs. SEC Showdown 
59:01 Georgia vs. NC State: A Gritty Matchup 
01:02:16 Kentucky vs. Oregon State 
01:05:24 Wrapping Up: Final Thoughts and Farewells

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