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The Unmid Midweek Games – The Schoch Factor Podcast

The Schoch Factor

On this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, Stephen Schoch is joined by the ever-dangerous Michael Patrick Rooney to talk about some of the madness that has been brought about in midweek baseball games this season.

Coach Rooney gives us a look back at one of the less-than-ideal midweek coaching situations he put himself in, and Coach Schoch shares one of his less-than-ideal midweek outings. In college baseball there is nothing certain about a midweek game, other than the fact that at least one team is full of players that are just happy they got to skip class.

Moving along in the episode, our coaches take us through some of the more entertaining sets of midweek baseball that we have seen in the young 2024 college baseball season. We have all that and more coming right up!

03:35 Midweek College Baseball Memories
07:47 Stephen’s Midweek Baseball Story
13:57 Highlighting Impressive Midweek Games
22:43 Analyzing the Nicholls Colonels
24:17 Stetson Hatters vs Florida Gators: A Game Analysis
28:08 Purdue Fort Wayne vs Indiana: A Surprising Outcome
31:41 Alabama Crimson Tide vs UAB Blazers: A Heated Match
36:45 Highlighting Exceptional College Baseball Players

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