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UNC Greensboro’s Caleb Cozart Joins The Schoch Factor Podcast

The Schoch Factor

On this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, we are joined by one of the hardest working men in college baseball, UNC Greensboro two-way star Caleb Cozart.

I say this for a multitude of reasons. He pitches and he hits – he actually is now the single-season home run record holder for UNCG after only his second full season of hitting at the college level. And in the world of NIL, where we see some players get paid just to be themselves, Caleb is out here working a demolition job 8-12 every day of the week. He’s doing this while being a student and college baseball player, which is insanely impressive and hard to do. I remember when I worked at State Farm for an offseason. It was exhausting, and all I had to do at practice was throw about a 15-pitch bullpen. This dude is out here doing it and then doing a full practice.

Besides that, Caleb has had what I would define as one of the rockier college baseball experiences, from blowing out his elbow 12 pitches into his freshman fall, to finding out he had a brain tumor a handful of months later. You may think you had a tough time finding your footing in college, but to say this dude had a lot on his plate is a massive understatement. Through all of that, though, what is inspiring is the fact that Caleb never used this bad luck as an excuse or ever truly had too long of a pity party. He may say he did for a bit, but looking at his timeline, this warrants at least a year or two of being bummed, and Caleb took like a week and was back to just putting his head down and getting to work.

I don’t often talk in certainties or at extremes, but I can confidently say after listening to this episode, you will want to live life a little bit more like Caleb!

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