Weekend 11 Recap – The Schoch Factor Podcast

The Schoch Factor

On this episode of The Schoch Factor Podcast, Stephen Schoch, Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman go over some of the key moments from college baseball’s 11th weekend, ranging from Hunter Hines disintegrating baseballs to Texas A&M scoring almost two decades’ worth of runs.

Following that, they get into some of their favorite moments of the weekend and talk about the proper way to run the bases after a home run (spoiler alert: it’s any way you want to, just don’t pass anyone and touch ’em all!). This week in college baseball was another outstanding one, and we have all that and more coming up on The Schoch Factor Podcast!

01:46 Diving Into Baseball Weekend Highlights
06:33 Exploring College Baseball Dynamics and Fan Experiences
09:28 Analyzing High-Scoring Games and Pitching Strategies
21:09 The Art of Deception on the Field: A High IQ Baseball Moment
29:47 Analyzing a Controversial Baseball Play
35:20 Celebrating College Baseball’s Unique Moments
37:58 Spotlight on Two-Way Players and Record Breakers
42:27 Reflecting on the Impact of Transfers in College Baseball
44:32 Celebrating Unusual Sightings and Fan Moments
46:58 Wrapping Up with Player and Pitcher of the Week Awards

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