D1Baseball Top 25: Old Dominion Headlines Climbers

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Arkansas completed an undefeated run to the SEC tournament title, keeping the Hogs atop the D1Baseball Top 25 for the eighth straight week. Arkansas has won all 15 of its weekends this year, counting the conference tournament, and heads into the NCAA tournament as the SEC regular-season and tourney champion, and the No. 1 national seed.

SEC East champion Tennessee climbed two spots to No. 2 after a run to the conference title game, moving Texas and Vanderbilt down one spot apiece to 3 and 4, respectively. Pac-12 champion Arizona and ACC regular-season champ Notre Dame moved up one spot apiece to Nos. 5 and 6. Stanford moved up two spots to No. 7 after taking a series from Oregon State, giving the Cardinal series wins against all five of the other regional teams from the Pac this year.

TCU made the one of the week’s biggest moves, vaulting seven spots to No. 8 after winning the Big 12 tournament championship. The Frogs had tied for the best record in the league in the regular season. Texas Tech fell four spots to No. 9 following a 1-2 showing in Oklahoma City. Oregon, the Pac-12 runner-up, held steady at No. 10.

Old Dominion made the biggest jump of the week, up nine spots from No. 24 to No. 15 after an unbeaten run to the C-USA title. The Monarchs earned the No. 11 national seed in the NCAA tournament.

Three teams joined the rankings this week. UCLA jumped back into the rankings at No. 21 after wrapping up an 18-12 campaign in the Pac-12. Duke returned to the rankings for the first time since Week Two, checking in at No. 25 after an unbeaten run to its first-ever ACC tournament title, extending its winning streak to 12 games. And Oklahoma State returned to the rankings at No. 24 after reaching the Big 12 tourney finals.

D1Baseball editors and national writers determine the Top 25 rankings.

RankTeamOverall RecordRecord Last WeekPrevious Rank
6Notre Dame30-111-17
9Texas Tech36-151-25
11Mississippi State40-150-28
12East Carolina41-153-211
13Ole Miss41-193-212
15Old Dominion42-144-024
16NC State30-172-216
17UC Irvine40-164-017
18Louisiana Tech40-184-218
20Southern Miss37-192-219
23Oklahoma State35-17-13-1NR
Dropped Out
Arizona State32-200-321
Florida State30-221-123

195 responses to “D1Baseball Top 25: Old Dominion Headlines Climbers”

  1. Not that it matters…a team with second best regular season record in the best conference in college baseball, goes two and out in a meaningless conference tournament and falls to 11th, while a team wins a below average conference (this year) title, while refusing to schedule mid-week games to save pitching for the weekend, moves up to #6.

    I’m not saying Notre Dame doesn’t deserve #6…just make them earn it. Biggest don’t still have Louisville in the Top 25…did the water get too heavy?

    • D1Baseball’s love fest for a Notre Dame team that has such a weak strength of schedule is definitely odd.

    • Luckily, State is set up to prove it on the field vs Notre Dame, assuming both get there.

      • Yep…as it should be. I’ll be pulling for Notre Dame. One of my all time favorite Regionals was when Notre Dame came to Starkville about 20 years ago…great series.

    • I think you mistakenly assumed the conference tourney meant nothing…..seems to me that it did.

          • Speaking of conspiracies, to you SEC fans, Trump won in a landslide! Wait until the softball CWS starts today. The last 2/11 SEC teams that made it to OKC will two and que. Marketing doesnt win championships – winning games does.

            • Why do you always bring up softball? Isn’t there a D1 softball site you can go on and rant on about…oh, wait…there isn’t one…. Why? because nobody cares about softball! Except for Arizona that is….they’ve got some pretty cute little blondes on those teams as I recall

  2. I am probably guilty as well, but man, College Baseball fans do like picking and choosing which series and games they think were meaningful. Usually, bad performances don’t matter, “oh, the tourney doesn’t count,” or, “look how hot this team was during the tourney,” or, “oh that one series doesn’t count,” or, “that one series is all that matters.” Kind of funny.

    • Agree…we all have a little bias when talking about our favorite team.

      I’m a proponent of playing more regular season games and doing away with conference tournaments…especially when some teams are left out.

      • Conference tournaments is a sport like basketball are significant. In that sport, there can be little denying that emotional momentum is a factor. In baseball, it is a shallow effort to help conferences with tournaments get more teams into the field–as if the SEC and ACC need anymore since they already have a third of the teams in the country in their conferences. Not only should conference tournaments be eliminated, the conferences should be limited to 12 schools per conference in relative geographical proximity. West Virginia and Maryland would fit nicely into the ACC. Louisville, Notre Dame, Boston College, Syracuse, Pittsburgh? Louisville fits into Conference USA, the other 4 belong in the Big East. The whole super conference concept is absurd except for the network shareholders football television contracts.

  3. It seems the interest and excitement this year in college baseball is at the highest level it’s ever been. It’s time to put the rankings aside because now it’ll all play out on the field. There will invariably be upsets and surprises as there are every year, but let the games begin! Can’t wait for Friday to arrive.

    • Yes, because there are some people on these forums who are really unpleasant w/ their close minded opinions…can’t even have a discussion w/ them at times.

  4. Hope it was hard to leave UConn out of the top 25. I can’t see how Maryland belongs over them. Arguably belong over the Zags too. UConn won their conference regular season and tournament and went 29-7 over their last 36 games (and didn’t have a 100% Kyler Fedko in the games before that…he was on the bench for a number of the early losses, as was Chris Winkle). I get that there are lots of deserving teams and this is a tough task, but UConn earned a ranking in this poll.

      • I get your point, but excluding RPI, rankings mean absolutely nothing to winning in year championships ever…it’s always opinion fluff in that regard. However, rankings do matter to recruiting and program interest, particularly for a northern school that has come a long way but is still growing interest in a market/region dominated by professional baseball. I think the D1 guys very much get that, and put a lot of thought into these rankings in part for that reason. Lots of good teams and tough decisions though. D1 has always been fair, I think, with UConn and other northern teams. Just good to have a place where we can debate the 23rd through 27th ranked college baseball teams.

        • All true but now they’re in the tournament.. So basically every team is #1 AND #64 simultaneously.. Until next Tuesday..

        • The more the NCAA tries to help the north become competitive, the more the SEC reaps the benefits. All the rule changes designed to help the Big-10 and Big East have only made the SEC into the super power it is today.

  5. 1-32-48-64…..when your 2 seed is supposed to be near #32 but you get #20 in the nation, the comittee has failed. Maybe you are the 3 seed and get 3 teams ranked top 36 (AP), the comittee has failed. Those top 4 are suppose to be protected before demographics take over. Winning is the cure, tix sold out quick, GBO Go Vols!!

  6. It seems like the D1 staff was so pissed at the committee not including ND as a Regional host that they punished Tech in the rankings. How petty. I thought you guys were beyond that. (D1 rankings came out after selection day).

    • It wus them thar rankings that done em’ in on the home field and hallowed grounds of Lubbock. Them fellers from the left coast done come in an whupped em’ 24-3 in two games. It was all cause them rankins rurn’d their confidence. The D1 staff punished poor ole tech. Didn’t have nothin’ to do with them fellers from Californy being better, cause everbody in Texas knows Tech wus the better team until the D1 staff destroyed their confidence. Reminds me of the time them Oregon fellers came in an whupped em’ a couple of years ago. It just ain’t right.

  7. Anyone here still question my comments about Arkansas having no pitching? Theyre on their 3rd pitcher in the 3rd inning against that powerhouse New Jersey Institute of Tech. SEC SEC SEC.

    • Tennessee is losing to Wright State in the 9th – the powerhouse Wright State. SEC SEC SEC. That beast of a conference

      • Hey John, care to follow up on the last comment? Come on, we’re waiting for your expert analysis!

        • Tennessee won 9-8 against Wright State. Wright State was the Horizon League champion and had won 12 games in a row until they played Tennessee. You won’t hear that from John.

          • But its the SEC? Isnt the last place team in the SEC better than any conference champion? Dont look for Tennessee to be around too long. Looked like two high school teams playing. LSU looked horrible as usual. They had a second baseman who looked like he has never played the game. Arkansas looked bad. One thing I noticed. UCLA and Oregon regionals had about 200 people in the stands. Any SEC regional had 15,000 fans. Explains the egregious bias

            • Again John, Six SEC schools in the Regionals. And John, proving that you’re just a biased cry baby without facts to support you – the only SEC school that averaged over 10,000 fans was Arkansas with 11,089. WTF do you get this 15,000 number.

            • Conspiracy Theory Guy..question for you??..did LSU win their regional because of Walt Disney??.. Asking for a friend..

            • I got a question for you. How much is LSU’s baseball budget? By the way, I was born in Louisiana, speak any dialect, even though it don’t mean I will, anytime I want, and still like the Tigers. They are a good team and proved it in the Oregon regional. That said, they have the largest baseball budget of any D1 school, and it’s a simple fact.

            • UCLA didn’t have a regional (they were in Texas Tech’s) and in Oregon (where I live) our idiot governor won’t allow full attendance. I think she was only allowing like 25% or something like that. I’m a Beaver fan and I hate the Ducks but I’ll defend them here. They are a bunch of front runners when it comes to baseball. They don’t show up unless they have a winner. If they were allowed full attendance they would have packed that place. The last few times Beavers have played in their stadium we have outnumbered them with fans.

      • Where ya John? Apparently you forgot this is baseball, not softball. We play nine innings. And by the way, Wright State in #25 in RPI.

    • Anyone one with a functional brain would question every single one of your imbecilic posts; you tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory believing idiot..

      • Yep, that’s why he brings up softball, Trump – he’s got nothing about baseball that makes any sense whatsoever.

        • Yup..I’ve never seen a bigger fool with so much tinfoil on his head..he has never made a valid point about college baseball.. he will deflect and deflect and deflect.. but can’t accept that the SEC is the best conference and it’s literally killing him..such a snowflake like I have never seen in my life

          • How about Florida? They almost won the SEC tournament. Thank God South Florida or South Alabama arent in the SEC, they would have won the tournament…SEC SEC SEC

            • Almost won the tournament? What are you smoking? They didn’t make the finals.

        • And he is such an idiot he doesn’t even know that Alabama pitched a PERFECT game in the women’s college World series yesterday…!!!!!….. Lmao

        • Notice how the idiot stopped with his nonsense about softball once I pointed out to him the facts..but..his girlish jealousy just won’t allow him to save just a little face by just STFU.. he’s such a snowflake he just can’t stay quiet.. so he digs his own hole deeper and deeper.. Lmao

    • Hey idiot..that no pitching team is shutting out Nebraska currently.. Go ahead and say it’s because of Walt Disney.. It’s ok, you know you want to..

      • NJIT. Enough said.

        As I stated before, Dave Van Horn is like Mike Bianco at Ole Miss. Never shows up for the big game. BTW shit for brains, they didnt shut out Nebraska. They beat em 5-1. Not sure I would brag about the winner of that beast of a conference, the SEC, winning like that against Nebraska.

        • Still butt hurt because you have not made a single valid point yet huh?..lmao at your idiocy and conspiracy theory tinfoil hat wearing moronic nonsense from you every single post..Wash..Rinse.. Repeat..

          • Dave Van Horn and Mike Bianco about ready to the do the famous SEC choke in the regionals. Anyone on this board still think Arkansas has pitching. How does a team like Arkansas win any league? Let alone that beast of a conference the SEC. Florida too. The common thread – 15,000 people at SEC regionals. Average attendance at non SEC regionals is 1,200 people.

            • You are still batting have not made a single post that was remotely correct.. Great job!!!

            • Yep, you are officially a fucktard!!! Mississippi and Arkansas both won their Regionals. Apparently your mother brought home too many strange men when you were young.

        • How short was your school bus John? You should talk to someone about getting one of those checks from the Government every month. Mouth breather!!!

  8. Morning baseball fans. It’s elimination day for sure. Doesn’t mean that fans of teams going home shouldn’t celebrate their teams success. Enjoy day, cheer, scream, blame an ump, coach, karma, whatever but… please also be thankful of the moment and tip your hat to your team. They made it. They earned it. They’ll for ever be able to say “We played in the post season”. It an achievement. An achievement that can be celebrated by all.

    Good Luck,
    Good Cheer,
    Good Sportsmanship,
    Most Great Games played by Great Young Men!

  9. Thank god Nebraska isnt in the SEC. Making Arkansas look bad. Theyd win the league in that beast of a conference.

  10. Arkansas in danger of not making it out of their regional – sound the alarm. The NCAA is having emergency meetings with the advertisers assuring them the demographics will be there for Traeger, carhart and Seadoo.

      • What’s stupid is watching that Arkansas team struggle to beat Nebraska. The winner of that beast of the a conference. Not very good. But the stands were filled with 14,000 people – thats what matters to the NCAA.

    • You’re in danger of your own head exploding. Please stop trying to function above your level.

    • Wasnt awesome today. Ask NC State! Get him out of that beast of a conf the SEC and he cant beat the 4th place ACC team at home. Shoulda called the fire dept and not the Kopps!

    • Lmao, this John dude created a second account (JackBlak) to reply to himself. At first his trolling was amusing, but this is just sad.

    • I said on this board earlier and I quote, “dave van horn and mike bianco never show up for the big game” – once again this is true. the ESPN SEC network can prop up loser teams like that for ratings, but theyll be at home watching the Pac12 win it all – again. Most championships of any conference. Expect Tennessee to the do the old two and a bbq. Vandy might win a game. Theyre the only respectable team in the SEC. Miss State will get run ruled today by Notre Dame in that hideously ugly stadium they call home.

    • You know how Call the Kopps reminds me of. Kip Bouknight. Thumber of South Carolina who was lights out in that weak SEC. Got in a super regional and got lit up – kind of like Call the Kopps. Kip also won the Golden Spikes. I think he is bagging groceries now at the local Piggly Wiggly like most of the Arkansas players will be soon.

  11. Call the Kopps! The regular season and conf tourney champ of that best of a conference the SEC goes down by the 4th place team in the ACC! Emergency meetings being held in the NCAA right now on what to tell the advertisers. Miss St on the ropes. Ole Miss on the ropes. Could be 3 ACC teams in Omaha with NC State, Notre Dame and Virginia – maybe only 2 for the beast of a conf the SEC. Poor ratings as Trump would say.

    • Youre 100% right. How can a team like Arkansas win the suppossedly best conf with not one quality pitcher. This Kopps guy sucks. What a joke this team WAS rated #1. Shouldnt even be in the top 16

  12. Arkansas/Ole Miss fans- how does that first game series look? Enjoy y’alls meaningless wins, we’re headed to Omaha 😉 Also SEC is overrated

    • Arkansas looked like high school. How do you win a league without one starter that is decent? This Kopps guy wouldnt make Stanford or Arizona’s team. Pretty sad they show bias to the teams with the highest attendance and TV ratings on the SEC network but hey – that’s why they play the games.

  13. The winning percentage of the SEC is not looking too good in the tournament. There have been some bright spots. LSU

    • They do the same exact thing in softball. They load the tournament with 14 SEC teams and they drop like flies. Football SEC bias is completely out of control. You have Alabama which is the best team hands down in the nation every year and they happen to be in the SEC. Take Alabama out of the SEC in football – its just another conference. Ole Miss got beat by Cal in football. Give me a break. Its all hype.

  14. After all the meaningless rankings, all the hype, all the media, all the money, all the false sense of grandiosity, the SEC has a .641 winning percentage against non-conference 25-14 opponents in the tournament. That’s not bad. In fact, it’s very good, but it hardly lives up to expectations. The PAC-12, without media hype and no help whatsoever from ESPN, rabid, blood-thirsty fans drunk on moonshine, and little money, has quietly compiled a .642 winning percentage against non-conference opponents in the tournament 18-10. The SEC may still win the championship. Tennessee has looked very strong through 5 games and none can doubt Vanderbilt’s pitching staff, but one thing remains for certain, the crowing of the Confederacy with start again next year with the same boisterous and bogus claims of unquestionable superiority. Demanding, as always, that every one of its 14 schools be given automatic berths to the 8 team field in Omaha.

    • Amen. The difference is that the Pac12 schools have college baseball TV presence and low attendance. The SEC is purely marketing driven with a rapid, sports crazed fan base.

  15. Stanford/Arizona in the CWS from the Pac12.

    NC State and Virginia from the ACC

    Tennessee and Vanderbilt from the bestest, most strength of schedule, toughest conference in the history of sports – the SEC.

    Miss State and Notre Dame fighting for the lost slot.

    With all the home field seeding how the hell does the SEC not have more teams in than the ACC or Pac12? What if Miss State loses and only 2 get in from the SEC with all that home field advantage?

    Stop the bias in college baseball – it’s ruining the game for the rest of the country.

  16. Conspiracy theory….this John dude, trolling…..makes me wonder if hes a plant to generate activity. There cant be a human that ignorant and stupid at the same time.

    • He is obsessed, Bruno, no doubt. I can’t resist using a little hyperbole myself at times, if for no other reason than to instigate a reaction. That said, I can and have cited evidence that supports some of John’s accusations. Please understand my memory goes back a long way, and I believe that in order to truly understand the complexity of the relationship between collegiate baseball and NCAA governance you need to have a long memory because the changes that have taken place have generally been small and extended over a number of years. I sincerely believe the NCAA’s intentions have been in the FINANCIAL interests of college baseball. Part of the problem is that the NCAA has often claimed or explained that it is acting in the BEST interests of college baseball, thereby equating the acquisition of more money as something in everyone’s best interests even though many of those rule changes have hurt some programs, especially in the west. Claiming greed is genuinely a move toward the greater good when it damages the long established success of your program comes across as bullshit, especially when the changes help support the rise of a super power conference that had previously been mediocre at best. That may have been the intent with some members of the NCAA, though I am certain most have simply acted to bring more money into the sport, and they have accomplished that goal. LSU (I was born in Louisiana and I’m not ashamed of the fact) has an annual budget of close to 6 million dollars. That is a researchable fact. Almost every SEC school has a budget around 4 million for their baseball programs. And, yes, people in the south are very competitive, especially when it comes to competing against the north (yankees). Southerners don’t like to lose. They have no respect for an honorable enemy like they do out west. Southerners, like the Ancient Greeks, prefer to drag the body of a worthy enemy around the walls of a city tied behind a chariot to emphasize their disrespect for losing. That type of bragging shows a lack of class that does not go over well with westerners. Granted, some of my posts show a profound lack of class, but, I am, after all, a southerner transplanted out west. The south is in my blood. They are my kinfolk and my family forever. I understand them, and I’m not afraid to throw a punch at them or get a punch back from them. That’s just the way it is down south. That said, I also understand those out west and their desire to conduct themselves with class. Often times this fails when they get hit in the face, and their opponent is an unapologetic southern egoist. They really don’t know how to hit back and try to fall back on unresearched logic that ends up appearing as you would say, “conspiracy theory.” If any of em’ out there wanna tangle with me anytime, I’ll hit em’ back in not so gentlemanly a fashion cause I understand where they’re coming from. Now, all this said. Go Wildcats! And that said, I can only hope they can get past Kumar Rocker. Good pitching usually beats good hitting, but the Wildcats have exceptionally good hitting.

      • Your posts are interesting, to say the least…this forum thread has had some legs I see. I’m from the northeast, where people are quite sarcastic and blunt, as you’ve probably observed, and I have a few theories on the whole exaggerated Southern pride in their amateur collegiate prowesses; first of all I will state I am a huge history buff and have always had a near obsessive interest in the War Between the States—to use the Southern term—and feel that that war has had such an enduring impact on this nation that is still observable to this day. My thoughts are that that war caused such a separation between the north and the south that for over 100 years afterwards the two sections of the nation developed along two very distinct axis’ of progression, politically, socially, economically, religiously and academically. If you look at the economic component it took until only w/in the last 30 or so years for the south to leverage some of its’ political governance advantages to commence an economic growth trajectory that has allowed for areas of the south to boom, but prior to then, racial and education disparities precluded many businesses from locating south of the mason dixon, including most professional level sports franchises, consequently there were no real prof sports for a very enthusiastic gaming population to even support had they wished to. The south had a sizable black population that was quite athletic by nature, with no where to play initially but historic black colleges—or the Negro Leagues in the case of baseball—and until changes wrought by the demise of segregation politics, which kept many northern based businesses and capital away, the only game around WAS state run universities, hence the enthusiasm—near rabid as it has become. And then another component I think has been the educational divergences, again related to economic and racial variables; the SEC I see is an outgrowth of this fierce pride, and racial ambivalences, where southern identity has been w/ superior athletic performances over all the other schools out there to the point of it becoming an almost embarrassing insecurity. So much so that academic standards will sometimes be compromised to achieve it. I know I’m going to piss off all the southerners w/ this one, and they’re going to rip me a new one, but so be it…I actually have family down south, and I enjoy traveling through many of those areas. It can be quite beautiful country, and many southerners are good folk, I hope to move down there in time, as the taxes I have found to be far and away better than ours up north, as well as I cannot stand many of the politics up here, which would make me….a Damn Yankee I guess…

      • While I agree in spirit with the post and the monetizaton of college baseball by the NCAA, I also grew up in Louisiana and now live in California. The difference is this….when UCLA hosts a regional, there might be 400 people at a game and no one watches on TV. When LSU hosts a regional, there will be 12,000 people there and everyone watches on TV. The reason for this is simple. California people have lives, people in SEC country dont – sports is all they have. California people watch sports as entertainment. SEC people watch sports as a sense of identity, self worth and pride. In short, when you turn on a regional and there are 14,000 people at the Miss St or Arkansas games cheering – it’s because its all they have.

        • Are you sayin’ that Louisiana is a good place to be from? I’ve been saying that a very long times because it sure ain’t the place to be going to. Anyway, I cannot help but feel UCLA underachieved this year even though they did well against both Arizona schools. They seemed to lack something and it wasn’t talent.

          • Noticed that Savage didn’t have one leftie, very unusual considering his champion team was loaded w/ southpaws, and I’ve wondered if some of the PAC schools—as well as ACC— were hindered by not having fall workouts; I don’t know that that was the case w/ SEC schools. Essentially they didn’t start playing until February w/ no real prep, they honed it on the field, which might explain why they’re just getting in stride now?

            • I’m sure it did in the beginning of the season. Everyone should be hitting stride by now. Arizona certainly is, maybe the best hitting team from top to bottom in Arizona history. If it were up to me, teams would be allowed to begin spring practice on January 1st like it was back in the day. Teams would only be required to play 40 games to be eligible for the tournament again like it was. Such rule changes created to make northern teams competitive have failed to do s, at least on the scale envisioned by the NCAA. Whatever gains such rule changes have benefitted the north. have been mitigated by the rise of SEC recruiting efforts. As long as the SEC receives the love it does from the NCAA, the Big-10 and Big East will never be able to compete. They are better off not being forced to play a longer schedule so their pitching is a little more rested when the tournament begins.

          • Savage will be back. The talent was there but the team just did not perform.

            Ok guys. It’s been fun but Im done with the board filled with Neanderthals from SEC country. Wait until football season starts – that’s when these mental giants really shine. I just read an article about how they banned scorekeeping in tee ball because the parents were all getting into fist fights in Eastern Kentucky. SEC SEC SEC

  17. Is anyone watching the ESPN coverage of Stanford/NC State in the CWS? Its 2 SEC hacks – Ben McDonald and Chris Burke just talking about the SEC when the game is a Pac12/ACC matchup. They showed more highlights of Call the Kopps then anyone from Stanford or NC State – this is what is causing most of America to tune out of college baseball. Kopps will be bagging groceries in 3 months. Get over it. He lost and wasnt that good.

      • Jon, you’re just mad the delusions ESPN and the SEC network made you believe about Call the Kopps were a fantasy. Call the Kopps was nothing more than a thumber in a overrated league. Wait until the draft happens in two weeks. Hell get picked in the 28th round – because he is a thumber – spend 6 months in short season rookie ball and be back at Baum stadium commenting about games and talking up the SEC. The guy was vastly overrated as is the whole league. Expect NC State to come out of that bracket to the CWS championship. On the other side, I would expect Virginia. The NCAA will be in panic mode as an all ACC CWS championship game will be a ratings flop. The only thing they could do is get an all SEC crew in there to show Call the Kopps highlights. College baseball reminds me of the World Wrestling Federation now that I think of it…

    • Conspiracy Theory Guy.. Why so angry??.. Is it because the PAC is 0-2??..oh, wait, never mind; we all know that it’s a conspiracy created by Walt Disney..

      • Kumar Rocker looked pretty bad. Not nearly as bad as call the Kopps. When you get ’em out of that beast of a conference the SEC, not quite as dominant. Vanderbilt is the only respectable team in the SEC.

        Jon, go do what SEC country people do…drive a seadoo with carhart camoflauge on and watch sports. Oh yeah, cry about election fraud and the deep state – conspiracy theories….

        • Conspiracy Theory Guy..still babbling easily refutable nonsense every single post..Wash..Rinse.. Repeat.. I watched every single pitch of the mighty PAC losers Stanford game.. McDonald and Burke were outstanding as usual..

          • You know what was outstanding that potent Tennessee offense —only potent in that beast of a conf the SEC.

            Miss State will go down tonight.

            Better call the kopps! Oh wait, Arkansas is back home.

            • Conspiracy Theory Guy ..looks like a weak Stanford squad will win a game thanks to playing an even weaker Arizona squad.. Otherwise the PAC would have gone 0-4 in the CWS.. So instead the PAC will wind up 1-4..

            • How bout them Vandy boys? Tennessee is getting ready to do the ole two and a bbq. Miss State will get beat by Virginia and most likely setting up a ACC/ACC CWS Championship….what about the strength of schedule and RPI??? Better Call the Kopps – an all slider pitcher who throws 87 – only in the SEC. Miss State is like the Dave Van Horn special at Arkansas – never shows up for the big game. Call the Kopps! Oh wait, theyre at home watching!

            • Conspiracy Theory Guy ..still butt hurt about how weak the PAC is Huh??..and still babbling utter nonsense.. Wash…Rinse.. Repeat..

            • I have an idea Jon. The NCAA seeding committee should give all SEC schools a 3-0 lead in NCAA tournament due to strength of schedule and RPI along with home field advantage. That way the SEC teams can actually win – Call the Kopps.

  18. SEC conference champion, Tennessee gone with two and bbq. Vandy one loss from elimination. Miss State getting boat raced as we speak by the 6th place team in the ACC.

    Emergency meetings are being held by the NCAA with advertisers ensuring them the ratings will justify the payments for the slots.

    For all the talk of the strength of the SEC, its not looking good. The good news is the others conferences are padding their records on the weak SEC competition. Call the Kops!

    • Conspiracy Theory Guy..once again you have outdone yourself with the craycray.. Oh and also, by the way, you are still batting 1.000% for being wrong.. But I am sure your lunacy will continue with your next post.. Wash..Rinse.. Repeat..

      • Lunacy??? That’s thinking Arkansas is the #1 team in the country! True lunacy there. I propose next year all SEC teams start with a 3-0 lead in each postseason game due to the fact of the year long grind of playing in the SEC (thats the excuse Kirk Herbstreit gives when the SEC football teams lose their bowl games). Expect the championship game to be NC State/Virginia as expected. The NCAA had a late inn change of the strike zone that caused problems for Virginia – this is common in the CWS with SEC teams losing late. Expect Miss State to fall apart and lose two in a row like they did to Oregon State in the 2018 CWS.

        • Conspiracy Theory Guy now literally going batshit crazy insane before our very would be laugh out loud funny, if it wasn’t just so sad..

          • As stated before, Miss State and Arkansas never seal the deal in Omaha – never have, never will. Why would this time be any different? Texas could be a sleeper but I expect an all ACC CWS championship. Funny isnt it? No one in the ACC even ranked this year? SEC SEC SEC

            • Conspiracy Theory Guy..still wrong with every single prediction.. Wrong in every single post..Wash..Rinse.. Repeat..

          • Conspiracy Theory Guy..never once with any empirical evidence.. Only conjecture laced with innuendo.. Wash..Rinse.. Repeat..

            • The evidence is on the field. Watch the SEC dropping like flies. Vandy is the next to go down. Walking in runs. Booting the ball around the field. Looks like high school.

            • Conspiracy Theory Guy..incoherent delusional ramblings from an imbecile.. Wash.. Rinse.. Repeat..

            • Conspiracy Theory Guy..wrong as always.. You are still batting 1.000% at being wrong on every post..Wash.. Rinse..Repeat..

        • Because he can’t.. It doesn’t exist.. It’s nothing but SEC penis envy..and it’s literally driving him crazy..

  19. Anyone watching this Stanford/Vandy mismatch? Vandy looks like small division high school team. Pitcher looks lost. Booting the ball all over the field. After tonight, the beast of a conference the SEC will be down to 1 team – the choke artists at Miss State who have never, ever, ever won an NCAA championship. Not looking good for that meaningless RPI based marketing conference.

    Vandy needs to Call the Kopps

      • That was as bad of a loss as I have ever seen. That’s a Dave Esquer special right there. Now Dave can give a politically correct professional post game interview to the 14 super liberal fans of Stanford baseball in the Bay Area and talk about how it doesnt matter that they embarrassed themselves in Omaha, their team is more diverse and has a lower carbon foot print than the others and that’s what really matters. What a total embarrassment.

        • Conspiracy Theory Guy.. The extremely weak PAC was able to luckily get 1 win the CWS.. By 1 weak PAC squad defeating an even weaker PAC squad..

          • The beast of a conference the SEC is down to 2 teams and they had 4/8 top national seeds hosting at home throughout. Not something to brag about. Vandy will be gone soon. The choke artist team, Miss State, will be too. They have never won a natty, never will. The marketing based SEC conference is just that – hype. Call the Kopps.

            • Conspiracy Theory about that POWER PAC..if it hadn’t been for Walt Disney, they’d won the CWS..

            • Cya next year.. Wash..Rinse.. Repeat.. Think about getting some psychological help.. You need it..Your delusional hatred of all things SEC has negatively warped your mind.. Good luck to you..

            • Conspiracy Theory’d that Virginia prediction work out for you??.. You are still batting 1.000% at being wrong on every single post.. Wash..Rinse..Repeat..

            • The Virginia prediction worked out like your Arkansas prediction – expect Virginia wasnt expected to win – Call the Kopps.

            • Conspiracy Theory usual you are wrong and continue to bat 1.000% at being wrong in every single post.. I never made any Arkansas prediction you it’s best that you take your loss and then just STFU..Wash..Rinse.. Repeat..

          • You know what it is – Call the Kopps. How funny is all of this? Some overrated pitcher who is listed as 6’0″ 200lbs which means he is really 5’10” 180lbs deals in some marketing driven league with some crazed lunatics. The guy is a three quarter slot thumber with a freak pitch he named. Arkansas wins every series all year until they play a ACC team at home. Get eliminated with their legendary pitcher Call the Kopps on the hill. Shouldnt this all make people think something is wrong? Man, people in Arkansas really need some hobbies. Call the Kopps – just not against NC State.

            • are truly a moron..since I am a Gator fan.. Why would you stupidly keep repeating your immature Kopps line??.. You are a truly a fucking idiot.. Lmao..

  20. Here’s a quick insight: In California when you talk about the SEC, people assume Securities and Exchange Commission.

    • Conspiracy Theory Guy..when people in the South talk about the PAC, people are talking about a POS baseball conference that’s even worse in football..

      • When people in California talk about the South, we just talk about people who have nothing in their empty lives but sports. If you ever get your education system fixed, thatd be the end of the SEC!

        Actually now that I think of it, people in California never talk about the South. Whats there to talk about?

        • About to watch the excellent broadcast team of McDonald and Burke.. And it’s funny but I don’t see any PAC teams on the field???..

        • Conspiracy Theory about that POWER PAC??..with Arizona being the 8th best team at the CWS and Stanford being the 7th..THE MIGHTY PAC..

        • The SEC continues to roll at the CWS with Vandy Boys big win..while the POWER PAC is nowhere to be found.. THE MIGHTY PAC..

          • They beat a team missing a bunch of players with COVID at the last minute. Not sure I would brag about that.

            • The SEC and the Vandy Boys roll into the finals.. And Conspiracy Theory Guy just had his head to be the fault of Walt Disney!!!..

        • Yet you remain fixated on the SEC with your conspiracy theory tinfoil hat wearing nonsense??..the truth hurts huh??..

  21. While the SEC continues its roll in Omaha; it appears that none of the POWER PAC teams actually showed up..THE MIGHTY PAC

    • Do they not teach math in SEC country? Arizona and SEC Champion Tennessee 0-2. Stanford and Virginia 1-2.

      Vandy is in the natty game because of how well they have played. I wouldnt be shocked to see more covid shenanigans with Texas now that Miss State is on the ropes. Although they have a looooong history of choking in the CWS. Just not a very good baseball program in Mississippi.

  22. Order of finish in Omaha Virginia 5th NC State seeing any POWER PAC teams actually showed up in Omaha.. Was that because of Walt Disney??..

    • When the NCAA gets in controversy, it always comes up aces for the league with the highest attendance and TV ratings. NC State almost beat Vandy with Kumar on the hill with 13 players all playing out of position. Forfeit the second game. What a joke this has become. I imagine they will sell more tickets and the advertisers will be happy. SEC Happy Meal McDonald and Blowhard Burke will be giddy one SEC team made it into the finals. It’s sad but SEC country dont care – a win is a win baby!

  23. About to watch the CWS.. With the terrific combo of Burke and McDonald.. Not seeing any PAC teams playing.. THE MIGHTY PAC

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