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D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings: SEC Quartet Leads The Way; UC Irvine Returns

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Arkansas remains No. 1 in the D1Baseball Top 25 for the fifth week in a row after taking two of three from Georgia to remain unbeaten in weekend series this year. Vanderbilt held steady at No. 2, while Mississippi State and Tennessee moved up one spot apiece to give the SEC each of the top four spots in the rankings.

The Big 12 occupies the next three spots. Texas moved up one place to No. 5 after winning a huge road series at TCU, which fell from No. 3 to No. 6. Texas Tech, which has won series against both the Longhorns and Frogs but remains in third place in the standings, checks in at No. 7.

ACC leader Notre Dame dropped one spot to No. 8 after losing its first series of the year, at home to Florida State. The Seminoles climbed just one spot to No. 17, blocked by a logjam in the teens and stuck behind No. 15 Louisville and No. 16 Pitt — both of whom won series against the Seminoles and remain ahead of them in the standings.

The Pac-12 race is tightly bunched at the top, and the league’s top three teams are also close together in the rankings. Oregon moved up one spot to No. 10 after sweeping Washington, and Stanford jumped four spots to No. 12 after winning a big series against Arizona, which slid four spots to No. 13. UCLA also moved up this week, climbing two spots to No. 23.

One week after sliding out of the rankings, UC Irvine returned this week at No. 24 after winning three of four on the road at UC Santa Barbara. The Anteaters improved to 21-7 in the Big West, two games ahead of the Gauchos. Old Dominion fell out of the Top 25 after splitting a four-game series against UTSA.

D1Baseball editors and national writers determine the Top 25 rankings. Records are through games of May 9.

Rank Team Overall Record Record Last Week Previous Rank
1 Arkansas 36-9 2-1 1
2 Vanderbilt 34-10 2-1 2
3 Mississippi State 35-11 3-1 4
4 Tennessee 37-11 3-0 5
5 Texas 38-12 3-1 6
6 TCU 34-12 1-2 3
7 Texas Tech 31-11 1-0 8
8 Notre Dame 25-10 1-2 7
9 Florida 33-14 3-1 10
10 Oregon 30-11 3-0 11
11 East Carolina 33-10 3-1 13
12 Stanford 26-10 2-1 16
13 Arizona 32-13 2-2 9
14 Louisiana Tech 33-12 1-1 14
15 Louisville 26-15 3-1 15
16 Pittsburgh 22-13 2-2 17
17 Florida State 25-17 2-1 18
18 Ole Miss 33-14 2-2 12
19 Southern Miss 33-15 4-1 20
20 Charlotte 35-14 4-0 23
21 Indiana 23-10 3-1 24
22 Gonzaga 27-13 0-0 21
23 UCLA 27-15 2-1 25
24 UC Irvine 29-15 3-1 NR
25 South Carolina 28-17 2-2 19
Dropped Out
Old Dominion 33-13 2-2 22

107 responses to “D1Baseball Top 25 Rankings: SEC Quartet Leads The Way; UC Irvine Returns”

    • Doubtful any of the teams solidly in the regionals will risk much to win in Hoover. They’ll be focused on resting some and not risking injury to key players. With so many teams certain to be in the field of 64, I’m not sure how many teams will go all out. For instance, I highly doubt we (Miss. State) will use our closer Landon Sims to close the last 6-9 outs of any game in Hoover. Also doubt we allow our top 3 pitchers to go far in a game, regardless of how well they are doing. Same can be said of a few teams.

      Only a few teams will go all out…those on the bubble of getting into a regional, those who might still be hoping to host a regional, but feel they need a better resume, and those with nothing to lose.

  1. And the great Notre Dame Midwest Baseball Affirmative Action tour continues.

    The Irish couldn’t win a series against the 7 teams in front of them most of the 17 teams behind them

    • most of their success to me is the weak situation in Louisville, Charlottesville, and Miami. Throw in mediocre UNC and Clemson, and the ACC is really just not very good, worst year in many for the overall conference. Explains both Pittsburgh and ND, I believe. Even NC St, WF and Duke are down, so about every team is down 1-2 notches from spot historically. I posted yesterday wondering about the strength of the PAC 12, but maybe I should have let that go, and looked at a lot of mediocre ACC teams going, few of which will do any good at all, ready to predict 2 of the final 16 (not picks, just wins in regionals) will be ACC teams. A few years ago they averaged that many in Omaha. So the ACC now appears cyclical while the SEC appears more never-ending at the top. Not sure where to slot the PAC 12, maybe somewhat schizo, as some years very good teams, some, just one or two. Oregon St seems down now, when they return to being really good, the PAC 12 will become more relevant, especially if the ACC is still floundering, like they have in 2021. Hard to understand how the ACC would send more than the SEC, but I believe the difference is excellence vs. mediocrity. Remove the NCAA constant love for the ACC (note the basketball through the years, where UK/UL have been in same region 7 times since 1980, Duke and UNC, well the next time will be the first time). Now, that is bias. So, you get rewarded for being mediocre by the committee, and ignored by them if you are a .500 in conference, or close, in the SEC. Want to see a scary situation, how about any SEC team who had all these teams on their schedule – AR, VU, MS St, Ole Miss, UT, SC, FL. No wonder GA, LSU, Auburn, Mizzou, A&M and Alabama have struggled so, that is 70% of their SEC weekends if you had all 7 on your schedule. I think no ACC school is .500 in the SEC playing those 21 games. So, eye test be damned, always thought this was a fantasy, anyway, used to refute obvious numbers situations when they blow picks in baseball or roundball, it comes down to bias, and being barely good enough INSIDE their own conference to get most all these bids. Don’t see a .500-in-the-SEC team in any of them. Last two observations, Louisville would be in top 10 had they not lost their #1 & #2 SP’s. Try that one at VU, see where they are without Kumar and Jack. Then if Pitt hosts, they did that on the back of a missed series, that due to their own COVID, and the lack of one very good team in the ACC.

      • To say they have taken advantage of a down ACC is fair, but for original poster to act like their rank hasn’t been earned is absurd. Seems the guys at D1 think there are a lot of real good, maybe not great, teams in ACC given the number they project in tourney. Of course being in conference play since week 2 will often highlight any weakness and slumps. The minimal non conference games has definitely hurt ACC rpi but I believe they are still the third ranked conference behind SEC and Big 12.

      • Overall I would agree that the ACC is well off the mark this year, and the PAC is underperforming too, but just for the sake of argument I wonder if some of that is possibly due to both of these conferences completely constraining their athletics all of last year due to Covid considerations, curtailing fall practices, recruiting, virtual classrooms, the whole nine yards, and I wonder if the SEC schools we’re as lock down? We all know the SEC places a much higher value on the stature of its’ athletic programs than other conferences, they bankroll overall more expansive programs than many other conferences and that naturally attracts more high level recruits, so it wouldn’t at all surprise me to learn that fall workouts were conducted and off season training continued. Very well compensated AD’s and coaches know the SEC brand is paramount to their continued employment. If the SEC is that far ahead of everyone else there is a reason, it’s not just a stroke of fortune.

      • Rick, you make a few good points…and a lot of others. As I posted on week 6, the ACC gained the usual advantage this year of great early rankings that were WAY OFF. In Week 2 rankings, all of these ACC teams were in the top 25: NC State, GA Tech, Virginia, Wake & Miami. Now, they have ALL worked their way out of the top 25. Meanwhile, UCLA was the ONLY Pac team rated – now they are joined by Oregon, Stanford and Arizona. That’s the bias that PAC, Big 12, Big 10 and others have to work their way through all season long until they can force themselves into the ratings.

        • I think the interesting thing that will be revealed come June is what teams—all conferences, ACC, 12, 10, PAC, C-USA, Big West, Big East, MAAC, etc,—have been overlooked and peak at exactly the right time. While the SEC clearly is the strongest conference top to bottom, it still doesn’t preclude an under-ballyhooed putting together a strong regional run and blowing into a super w/ a head of steam, we’ve seen this before, and Covid has so screwed up the cross conference matches that no-one really knows just how good an ECU, Charlotte, et al is…

    • They are 3-3 vs the other ranked ACC teams Pitt and FSU. They haven’t played a team top25 in RPI BUT are 16-7 vs 26-50. Still I have no problem with their #8 ranking.

    • Even if Arkansas loses the series they should still be the clear #1 based on their body of work.

      • perhaps-Tennessee has had a really favorable schedule this year by playing Arkansas, Vandy, and Florida all in Knoxville.

      • agree, as long as UT does not sweep that series. A 1-2 record for Arkansas should keep them #1. Plus, VU goes to Ole Miss next weekend, where they may well go 1-2.

        • If Arky goes 1-2 vs Tn, & Miss State sweeps Mizzou at home (very possible) we (Miss State) will have a 1 game lead on Arky in the SEC standings. I like our chances with us finishing at Bama, while Arky takes on UF. If that happened, the most likely scenario is that Arky would have to sweep UF and hope Bama wins one.

            • Yep. Didn’t actually forget, just used Miss State because it’s my university & because our remaining schedule is favorable compared to any other contender, including UT. UT finishes at SCar, while we finish @ Bama.

              Any SEC team is capable of beating another any given game, but I’d rather play @ Bama than @ SCar.

          • After we (Hogs), went 2-1 in Knoxville, and you (State) couldn’t hold serve against Missouri, dropping 2 of 3 rather than your hypothetical sweep, your math is shot to Swiss cheese. Instead your new reality is, you must sweep ‘Bama and pray that the Gators sweep us. We’ll see what the baseball gods have in store, but I like our chances.

  2. This website wont rock the boat. Top 4 from the SEC! ESPN prolly calls out this website by name for the ratings. Tennessee wont make it out of their regional. Neither will Vanderbilt by the way they are playing.

  3. Against teams in this ranking, Arkansas is 6-0 vs the top 10, and 12-3 vs the top 25. All of those being in the road…..

    Now they have #4 on the road and #9 at home. I’d say that even if we get swept the next two series, we are still the #1 overall seed

      • I agree and I am a Texas Tech fan. I look forward to a rematch in Omaha of the season opener we lost to Arky. Tech has lost so many to injury (7) if they make it to Omaha the Coach should get coach of the year.

    • A lot of comparisons to the 2019 group but the difference with this one is their resolve. First time in my lifetime I’ve seen Arkansas take care of business on the road against this many ranked opponents. That 2019 group won series on the road but not against the ranked teams. Statistically, the 2019 squad was better but there’s just something different about this group that gives me some hope for the postseason.

      • They bumped it to later in the week. And it’s only the 20 “semi-finalists”. Final 16 will be announced closer to the tournament.

    • Ok, that is a bit much. But you are the best team in college baseball. Losing 6 games in a row will keep you in the top 8 maybe.

    • Wishful thinking. Get swept in the last 2 series and no longer #1 seed. Win at least 1 in each series should be good enough. That is very likely. But remember – the #1 seed is usually the “kiss of death”

      • You can label it whatever you want: “Not a series”, “Not away” – doesn’t matter. It was a big boost to the resumes of Arkansas, Ole Miss and Miss State. That was obvious from their boost in all of the early rankings. They don’t care if YOU discount it.

        • CALM DOWN! I did not discount it. I merely mentioned the FACT that they were NEUTRAL not ROAD wins. So they are 3-0 not 6-0 in ROAD wins vs top 10 and 3-0 in NEUTRAL. FACTS. In no way did I discount the wins. That’s how the games are listed in the RPI. They were not played at the home fields of the other teams. Statement of fact only. Not discounting. Unravel your panties.

          • I am calm. You seem to be shouting though, so it appears you need to calm down. Also, the only panties I have in my possession are your wife’s. 😉

            • Just surprised how you interpreted my comment. I was merely correcting a factually erroneous assertion. I couldn’t think more highly of the Hogs. I suppose you could technically call them “road” games since they were not at home, but most people equate “road” or “away” games as being played at the other team’s field which is why they have a “neutral” site category. BTW enjoy the panties. Did you get them before or after she died? Were they tasty? 😉

            • Lighten up Francis, I just happen to disagree. If we played the games in Little Rock, would you call it a “neutral site”??? I certainly would not. Neither do I consider Arlington (Dallas-Fort Worth area) a neutral site. TCU’s home is in Fort Worth! Their fans are right around the corner. You have to be trying really hard to call this neutral!

            • I laugh at people who think that CAPS amount to shouting. Some people do it for emphasis, not to appear to be screaming. Some netiquette folks are no doubt as anal retentive in real life as they are on the internet.

            • Shayn, we were just having a light-hearted banter on the ol’ internet – or at least I was. Nobody asked you to weigh in. I don’t give a damn if someone uses CAPS, but I just found it funny that he seemed to scream “CALM DOWN!” (note the exclamation point, junior). I liken it to to people who call someone else an idiot and proceed to massacre the English language in their post. It’s just funny. It’s ok if you don’t get it.

      • C’mon Richard. Technically not home games as not played on their fields, but they were played in Texas…a big advantage for Texas teams. If Miss. State had played those games in, say Biloxi at the Shuckers stadium, it would not be a home game for us, but it would be damn close to one.

        • Yes we played you there the last two games of the Covid shortened season and it definitely felt like MissSt was the home team. However, not quite the same as playing in Texas which has 14 Div 1 teams, 11 of which don’t care for the 3 Big 12 teams that played in that tournament. Do not worry, anytime the SEC plays in Texas the SEC is well represented, especially if LSU or Arky is playing.

          • Actually, it is 16 Div 1 teams in Texas. I forgot about a couple. Miss has what…3? No it is 17 and I am still counting…..

          • There are more LSU fans on the Gulf Coast than Miss State, and LSU is our biggest rival in baseball. No doubt, playing at our field would be much better, but I don’t think there’d be more of an advantage for us in Biloxi than Texas teams in Tx. Consider how much resentment there is in B12 territory against the SEC’s dominance. Also consider how loyal all Texans are to anything Texas.

    • Think about what you just said. Get swept twice and the Hogs likely finish 4th or worse in the SEC and the Vols likely are regular season champs. Then even winning the tourney probably would not be enough.

      • IF Arkansas were swept by TN and Florida, they would end up 17-13. TN would have AT LEAST 20 wins and Florida 18. Ms State and Vandy likely will finish better than 17-13. This is NOT a #1national seed scenario for the Hogs. Regional #1 at best.

    • I’d like some of what you’re smoking. If Arky just loses the next 2 series, or gets swept in just one, they will need help vs Vandy, Miss State & UT to stay at #1. Miss State should at least win the next 2, and has a more than decent shot to sweep the next two. Let’s say Miss State goes 5-1, and Arky goes 2-4 (not likely, but that’s the topic here). Arky would finish 19-11, with State at 21-9 in the SEC, & currently #2 in RPI. You seriously think the NCAA would favor a team 2-games behind in the SEC standings, who finished 2-4? What, do you think the sweep of State 22 games ago is going to trump what has happened since?

      C’mon, man. Any team can have a bad week where they don’t play up to their potential or where they simply get better after. While I do not expect Arky to tank, there is no way I believe you can make a compelling argument they would remain #1 even with a total collapse in the last 2 series.

      • All moot. After winning 2 of 3 in Knoxville the Hogs have all but locked up the West. The overall conference title is still up for grabs, but Arkansas holds the steering wheel. Unlike the previous 18 games we’ve played against ranked teams this year, we’ll be at Baum, in front of a fully packed house.
        It’s still baseball, anything could happen – but it would be hard for a betting person to put their money against the Razorbacks.
        Woo Pig Sooie.

        • The cancelled series wouldn’t have helped TTU much at all. It would have been a non-con against a weak opponent. The only thing that series would have done was kept some momentum going for this coming weekend series from the thrashing they gave OU in Amarillo for the midweek game OR hurt them in the rankings if they somehow dropped the series.

          • You say it wouldn’t matter, but obviously overall wins are being taken into account of you place someone who lost a head to head series ahead of another. If TTU had played the 8 games against absolute crap teams and won, would they be higher than TCU and UT at 39-11? Probably.

          • I agree. Beating up on some shit team from the murder capital of the US would not have done us any good. I hope they took advantage of the rest. I think we will see broken thumb Kurt Wilson return, but return on the mound, not the outfield. Our bullpen could use his veteran presence.

      • TBF Tech dealt with injuries and really hurt themselves by losing to K State and Baylor but their last two series are against KU and OU… they could sweep those series… I hate how ppl give Texas this pass like they are really good… Their non con schedule is softer than table butter…. playing all your ugly cousins from Tx State and Incarnate Word throughout the season shouldn’t be something that helps rankings…. at least attempt to play a tough non con schedule.

        • ??? They played the 3 SEC teams in February and a 3 game series vs. South Carolina. You call that “soft?”

          • One series against a barely ranked school is soft… yea they had those games at the beginning of the season, and they lost all of them…

        • Chris, you might as well have just said “ I hate Texas”, as the rest of your post is silly. If you don’t understand the economics of college baseball mid-week scheduling, educate yourself.

        • They have a series sweep vs south Carolina.A great road series win vs Tcu. Then some decent wins vs Okla,Okla st.and Baylor.All of that combined with one series lost lost vs TTU. The losses vs ole miss,miss st,and Ark don’t really have that much value to me just because they were so long ago and all the teams are much different now.With looking at all those aspects I think Texas is rightfully at the number 5 spot.

          • Don’t get me wrong, UT has done well in conference but to act like they are a legit National championship contender because of conference play just seems premature.

      • Tech has played one less conference series than both to this point…. so stop it with this 5 and 6 games back nonsense…

    • As a TTU alum.. I’ll be the first to say TTU shouldn’t be ranked higher than UT or TCU regardless that TTU won both series. TTU is sitting in 3rd place in the Big 12 and that is likely where they will finish the year. Can’t really justify them being ranked above either given they’ll finish behind them in conference play.. Plus TTU dropped the K State and BU series, which were ugly series losses. I’m honestly shocked we’re even in the top 10 at this point.

      • Baylor is a hot team… the K State series loss was atrocious… Let’s see how the conference schedule finishes out…

        • You’re right, we did. Honestly didn’t expect TTU to win that series with all of the injuries and everything else. However, seeing we’re so far back from contention in the Big 12 at 3rd place it’s hard to justify having us over TCU or UT even though we’ve taken those series, in my opinion.

      • Also a Tech alum and die hard fan. I am happy to be in the top 8 even if we are behind those 2 Big 12 teams. Tech deserves where it is but not higher. Those series loses to Baylor and KState were FUGLY. I just hope we are not in a regional that is opposite the one Baylor is in because they are going to upset some Regional Host and make it to the Supers.

      • Beat all the top teams in the Big12 and you’re shocked they’re in the Top 10. Come on now…

  4. Even though it’s completely irrelevant to this ranking and either team’s season at this point, the most feisty cross-conference rivalry tomorrow night in Clemson—bragging rights in Carolina on the line. Electric—brutal actually—atmosphere in the uplands!

    • suppose all we learn is who has the stronger #4 SP. Same thing in the VU/UL game last week, UL proved that they have the better #4, who likely gets no start in the first playoff weekend. Won’t keep it from being loud, fun, but does dent the relevancy.

      • If UL has the better #4 pitcher then why have they lost all those midweek games? It was a single game. The 1st midweek game Vandy has lost in 2 years. Anything could have happened and usually does when these 2 play every year.

      • I am a Tech Tech fan and a total Big 12 homer but I watch as much SEC baseball as I can becuase I love college baseball. I just don’t think I can love college baseball and hate on the SEC. Let’s all face it. The SEC is makes college baseball better and would not be the same without. Now I am not wild about TCWHO or FUT but man the first two games of that series were great college baseball and I am really looking forward to Arky and Vandy.

    • Penis envy much???.. Every single week.. Wash.. Rinse.. Repeat.. Lmao at the clowns like this poster.. Lol

    • Justin….Someone should alert MLB. Or maybe they are in on it too. Over the past 10 years here is where SEC teams fall overall ranked by number of players drafted.
      1) Vandy -80
      2) Arkansas -75
      3) Florida -75
      5) LSU -71
      8) South Carolina – 65
      14) Ole Miss – 63
      16)Kentucky -61

      Wow- 5 SEC teams in the top ten. Probably bias though…I mean what is a draft pick anyway just someone’s opinion.*wink*

      • Miss State has had 57 drafted over the past 10 years. 11 drafted in 2019 (shoud have been 12) & 11 in 2016.There will be another bumper crop this year.

        SEC 151
        ACC 101
        Pac-12 81
        Big 12 58
        Division II 50

    • I just looked at their metrics and they actually look really solid. They should be in at large territory for sure. They’ll be one to keep an eye on in the tournament

  5. I’m rooting for arkansas this year, just never got over how oregon st. got a second chance on a blown popup and hit a three run homerun to win the CWS.I know arkansas coach had many sleepless nights after that loss, now it is going to be his turn to win it all!

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