2021 Crystal Ball: Preseason Field Of 64

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A highly anticipated college baseball season is finally here, and if everything goes as planned (which is asking for a lot these days), here’s our look at how the NCAA tournament field and seedings would play out.

In terms of the top eight national seeds, the ultra-loaded Southeastern Conference leads the way with four teams, while the Big 12 has two teams and the Pac 12 and ACC each have two clubs.

The SEC is the leader in terms of hosts, too, with six teams expected to host, while the ACC has four, Big 12 has three, Pac 12 has two and Big West has one.

Overall, the SEC headlines all leagues with an expected 11 bids to the postseason, while the ACC is close behind with 10 bids. After those two conferences, the Big 12 is next in line with a whopping six bids — out of nine total teams, and the Big Ten and Pac 12 each have four teams in the projections. Additionally, the American has three teams while the Big West and Conference USA each have two representatives.

There are two conferences to note when perusing the projections. First, the Big Ten will play a conference only schedule this spring, so giving the league four bids might be a stretch. With limited RPI profiles this season, the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) will be more important than ever. Meanwhile, the Ivy League will not play a conference schedule, thus will not have an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

Here’s our Field of 64:

D1Baseball's Projected Field of 64: Preseason 2021
Gainesville RegionalTucson Regional
1 Florida* (1)1 Arizona (16)
4 Hartford*4 Sacramento State*
2 UCF2 Oklahoma State
3 Stetson*3 Clemson
Los Angeles RegionalCharlottesville Regional
1 UCLA* (2)1 Virginia (15)
4 Fordham*4 UNC Wilmington*
2 Oklahoma2 West Virginia
3 Pepperdine*3 Maryland
Lubbock RegionalAtlanta Regional
1 Texas Tech* (3)1 Georgia Tech (14)
4 Navy*4 Samford*
2 South Carolina2 Michigan*
3 Houston3 Georgia
Louisville RegionalBaton Rouge Regional
1 Louisville* (4)1 LSU (13)
4 Wright State*4 Omaha*
2 Tennessee2 Southern Miss*
3 Ohio State3 Boston College
Nashville RegionalRaleigh Regional
1 Vanderbilt (5)1 NC State (12)
4 North Carolina A&T*4 Campbell*
2 Wake Forest2 East Carolina*
3 Indiana3 Florida Atlantic
Oxford RegionalSanta Barbara Regional
1 Ole Miss (6)1 UC Santa Barbara* (11)
4 Alabama State*4 Kent State*
2 Duke2 Arizona State
3 Oregon State3 San Diego State*
Starkville RegionalFort Worth Regional
1 Mississippi State (7)1 TCU (10)
4 Jacksonville State*4 Sam Houston State*
2 Florida State2 Dallas Baptist*
3 Long Beach State3 Texas A&M
Austin RegionalFayetteville Regional
1 Texas (8)1 Arkansas (9)
4 Quinnipiac*4 Bryant*
2 Auburn2 Miami
3 Texas State*3 Connecticut*

11 responses to “2021 Crystal Ball: Preseason Field Of 64”

  1. Sleeping on the Upstate crew in Spartanburg. Gonna play well has a talented group of arms that goes 12-15 deep. Just keep an eye on those guys. Nice out of conference schedule also with College of Charleston, Ga Tech and Clemson twice. Shhhh!

  2. What are the odds with COVID that the Regionals are truly regional? No West Coast teams traveling past the Rockie Mountains or East Coast teams passing the Mississippi River?

    • Its going to take a few weeks to see if last seasons team is back or if it was just a fluke. Let’s also not forget that the baseball world is waiting to see Kevin Abel. If he is back in 2018 CWS form or better I suspect the Beavers will will not remain a 3 seed. They have some great opportunities for quality wins taking on most of the top PAC12 teams on the road (covid permitting).

  3. Due to pandemic seating limitations, we could not renew our Aggie season tickets for the first time in 24 years (the last three in handicapped seating). Not Good Bull.  Will have to settle for listening on the radio and watching on ESPN when they are scheduled to be broadcast.  Keeping our fingers crossed that COVID problems do not mess with the opportunity to see them play.  Best of luck to everyone else who may be in the same situation and to the teams they support.  Gig’em Aggies!

    • Is the demand that great that a 24 year patron can’t get season tickets? I’m impressed and encouraged by the interest in college baseball if so.

      • It’s all about $$$. If seat priority is allocated based on total giving anyone of normal means could be bypassed by wealty patrons..This is Texas after all. Black gold!!!

  4. No Tulane? [insert rage-filled rant here!]. 🙂

    Opening day!!!!! Hooray! Thanks for all your amazing coverage!

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