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How The Top 25 Fared: Week 13

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Scoreboard: Friday | Saturday | Sunday

1Arkansas39-103-1Arkansas State W 8-4, at Tennessee: W 6-4, L 8-7, W 3-2
2Vanderbilt36-122-2North Alabama W 3-2, at Ole Miss: L 3-1, W 13-2, L 13-10
3Mississippi State36-131-2Missouri: W 5-4, L 7-6, L 16-8
4Tennessee39-132-2Tennessee Tech W 10-8, Arkansas: L 6-5, W 8-7, L 3-2
6TCU35-141-2UL Monroe L 4-3, L 13-9, W 6-4
7Texas Tech 33-122-1at Oklahoma: L 9-8, W 14-2, W 13-2
8Notre Dame26-101-0at Valparaiso W 7-4
9Florida35-162-2at Stetson L 6-1, Georgia: W 4-3, W 9-2, L 6-1
10Oregon 33-113-0at Utah: W 7-3, W 16-3, W 9-2
11East Carolina36-113-1at Cincinnati: W 8-4, L 7-6, W 7-6, W 5-2
12Stanford28-122-2San Jose State W 8-7, at California: W 9-2, L 5-4, L 9-5
13Arizona35-133-0Washington: W 17-16, W 4-1, W 11-2
14Louisiana Tech36-143-2at LSU L 16-8, UTSA: L 7-5, W 4-1, W 10-7, W 17-7
15Louisville26-180-3at North Carolina: L 5-1, L 5-0, L 10-5
16Pittsburgh22-160-3NC State: L 3-2, L 9-7, L 10-3
17Florida State28-193-2FGCU: L 8-7, W 2-1, Clemson: W 8-3, L 9-5, W 9-6
18Ole Miss36-153-1Little Rock W 9-4, Vanderbilt: W 3-1, L 13-2, W 13-10
19Southern Miss35-172-2at Florida Atlantic: L 3-1, W 6-1, W 14-8, L 9-6
20Charlotte37-162-2at Rice: W 9-6, L 11-8, W 6-4, L 6-0
21Indiana24-121-2at Michigan: L 10-3, W 13-8, L 6-1
22Gonzaga30-133-0at Portland: W 12-4, W 6-3, W 5-3
23UCLA 30-163-1at LMU W 9-8, UC Santa Barbara: L 10-4, W 5-2, W 11-3
24UC Irvine33-154-0UC Riverside: W 9-8, W 5-2, W 8-1, W 9-1
25South Carolina31-183-1at Clemson L 7-2, at Kentucky: W 12-6, W 9-0, W 11-6

15 responses to “How The Top 25 Fared: Week 13”

  1. This is going to be an interesting 25 this week, Tennessee actually deserves to move up despite losing a tough series at home to the undeniably best team in the country, and w/ the way Vandy and Miss St faltered they have a very good chance of doing so. A lot of upsets so going to be quite interesting how this week plays out.

    • Considering that every tough series UT played this year is at home they should move up to #3 but no further. Winning on the road is tough and Arkansas is to be commended.
      Vandy actually handled UT better at KNoxville than the Razorbacks did.

      • ONLY because Vandy beat UT at Knoxville would I agree, not because of the way in which Vandy handled UT relative to Arkansas’ series there, in fact, I would almost consider a team that guts out tough wins late the way Arkansas does to be the grittier—possibly “better”—team. To try to rationalize Vandy holding on to no 2 due to the fact that they more convincingly defeated UT than Arkansas sounds rather excusatory to me, nonetheless the ‘doers did beat UT so the Vols shouldn’t leap frog, and everybody else behind them lost so no one should move ahead…agreed.

        • Vandy now has 3 series losses……all at home……2 of them are acceptable as quality losses. TN has 2 series lost, to #1 and Vandy….hard choice to make…..i know the h2h counts too. TN has 1/2 game lead in East, i’ll take that 2 seed and be happy with a top 7 national seed

    • It’s the craziest thing….but I almost agree w/ Donald Peterson that TN drops 2/3 to Arkansas, and still deserves to move up to #2. Only alternative I see is to advance vacationing Texas (which doesn’t sit well) and move #4 TN to #3. Glad none of this matters, but looking forward to the whining tomorrow…

      …and to the deservedly precipitous drops of TCU, Louisville & Pittsburgh.

  2. So uh Vanderbilt lost another conference series…..are they going to actually drop this time? And don’t give me all that bs about their rpi and their record vs top 25 rpi….you lose a series you drop. Just how it is

    • Actually they did drop..but your reasoning is clearly faulty.. Glad the poll makers don’t use your circular logic though

      • Oh it is faulty for me to say if you lose your series you drop? Sorry but that isn’t faulty at all. I bet you also like participation tropies for kids too eh?

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