TCU's Brayden Taylor (Eddie Kelly photo)


How The Top 25 Fared: Week Seven

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Scoreboard: Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

1Vanderbilt23-34-0Tennessee Tech W 12-5, at LSU: W 13-1, W 11-3, W 5-4
2Arkansas22-43-1Central Arkansas W 21-8, Auburn: L 2-1, W 6-5, W 6-5
3Ole Miss21-61-2at Florida: L 4-1, W 8-2, L 6-5
4Texas Tech20-61-2at Kansas State: W 17-1, L 7-2, L 10-4
5Texas20-83-1at Texas A&M L 2-0, at Kansas: W 5-2, W 7-0, W 11-2
6Georgia Tech14-91-2Virginia: W 6-5, L 8-2, L 11-4
7Louisville18-82-2at Cincinnati L 13-12, Wake Forest: W 5-3, W 9-7, L 6-3
8Mississippi State20-73-0Kentucky: W 8-1, W 3-2, W 4-3
9Tennessee24-53-1Western Carolina W 9-2, at Alabama: L 7-4, W 8-4, W 9-8
10UCLA16-91-2Washington: L 8-6, L 7-6, W 13-2
11East Carolina22-55-0North Carolina W 11-10, Cincinnati: W 5-4, W 7-0, W 13-3, W 2-0
12TCU20-74-0at UT Arlington W 5-3, at Oklahoma: W 11-7, W 17-6, W 7-3
13Notre Dame12-51-1at Pittsburgh: W 4-1, L 3-2
14South Carolina19-73-1Gardner-Webb W 9-4, at Georgia: L 5-3, W 13-7, W 5-1
15Florida18-92-1Ole Miss: W 4-1, L 8-2, W 6-5
16Oklahoma State18-73-1Oklahoma W 5-4, West Virginia: L 4-3, W 7-2, W 21-11
17Louisiana Tech20-73-1UAB: W 16-1, W 6-4, L 9-3, W 6-0
18Florida State15-93-1Mercer W 8-1, North Carolina: L 4-3, W 4-2, W 8-0
19Miami16-84-0at FIU W 21-1, Duke: W 3-1, W 11-5, W 7-1
20Oregon 16-64-0New Mexico State: W 5-0, W 8-2, W 2-1, W 6-1
21Oregon State20-64-1Washington W 14-3, at Portland W 7-1, Utah: W 4-3, W 17-3, L 5-3
22Arizona18-82-1at Arizona State: W 10-5, W 7-6, L 3-2
23Virginia Tech15-92-1Boston College: L 7-3, W 6-5, W 4-3
24Pittsburgh13-91-1Notre Dame: L 4-1, W 3-2
25Michigan 13-52-1Northwestern: W 5-2, L 4-1, Maryland: W 6-5
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Dillon Fowler
10 days ago

Oregon State went 4-1 this week.

10 days ago
Reply to  Dillon Fowler

Statistical anomaly

10 days ago

Vols get 3 wins vs RPI top 25….2 on the road in SEC series, how far will they jump?

10 days ago
Reply to  BrunoVFL

They may move up a spot or 2 but the RPI won’t have anything to do with it. Passing GaTech likely but not TTU or Ole Miss. The RPI means nothing until May and then mostly to the NCAA. The D1 staff have stated in their podcast that they pay no attention to it when doing rankings. Do you really think that a win win over #1 Villanova or #3 Fairfield would be a resume builder???

Samuel Bond
10 days ago
Reply to  BrunoVFL

My guess would would 1-2 spots. Jumping Georgia Tech and potentially Texas Tech

10 days ago
Reply to  Samuel Bond

You are correct. Little surprised they passed Louisville also, but when I thought about it, Louisville continues to lose midweek games to teams they should beat .

Last edited 10 days ago by RICHARD
10 days ago
Reply to  BrunoVFL

TN hasnt lost a series……4 sweeps, 0 losses outside top 50……i say #4

Donald Peterson
10 days ago
Reply to  BrunoVFL

Yea, some orgs are playing more against their history than their opponents it seems.

Chris Gardner
9 days ago

I’m a Pac-12 homer all the way but someone please explain how UCLA is at #10 with 3 weekend series losses and Oregon and Oregon State with only 1 series lost each are 10 and 11 spots lower. UCLA just lost a series to the worst team in the PAC-12 Washington at home and are still #10. When I say worst they may not be the worst team at season’s end, but prior to this series they had been swept in both Pac-12 Series Washington had played.