Binghamton’s Big Dreams

Under The Radar

It’s not true that 5-foot-10 senior catcher Eddie Posavec used to be a lot taller in early 2014.

But it is a fact that he was beaten down that season when he caught 336 consecutive Binghamton innings, a span of 37-plus games.

Binghamton had two other catchers on the roster that year, a freshman who had elbow surgery before the season started and a veteran who tore his labrum five weeks into the year. Posavec, just a freshman at the time, was pressed into full-time service with no backup. He would get hurt … but he couldn’t afford to be injured.

“He would wear foul balls off his face, off his legs … and then he would go 3-for-4,” said Binghamton first baseman Brendan Skidmore, Posavec’s fellow senior. “It was amazing to watch him do that – nothing fazed him.”

Binghamton coach Tim Sinicki said Posavec “epitomizes” the Bearcats.

“We try to find players who fit our program – hard-nosed, blue-collar kids,” Sinicki said. “We are not a glitzy program. We pass on some kids who are maybe more talented but don’t fit our philosophy of acceptance of what is best for the team.”

Posavec is playing a lot of outfield this year – because that’s what’s best for the team, of course – and the 27-9 Bearcats are so far putting together one of the best seasons in Binghamton history.

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