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D1Baseball’s Top 10 Plays – Week 11


Here are D1Baseball’s Top 10 Plays from Week 11 of the 2021 College Baseball Season.

Each week, we’ll grab highlights from college baseball teams’ social media pages and put together a comprehensive Top 10 reel!

To get your plays featured, use the hashtag #D1Top10 so we can get them on the list.

No. 10: Elonโ€™s Tyler Cranston Avoids The Car Crash In Left

No. 9: NM Stateโ€™s Tristan Stacy Robs The Hit In Center

No. 8: Alex Andronica Angles In With Airtime For Charleston Southern

No. 7: No Transfer Needed for Georgia Techโ€™s Austin Wilhite

No. 6: Brennan Rozell Ranges Right For The Spectacular Play

No. 5: Cal Polyโ€™s Reagan Doss Scoops It Up Off The Left Field Line

No. 4: Zack Gelof Sets The Tone Defensively On UVAโ€™s Second Pitch Of The Game

No. 3: TTUโ€™s Max Marusak Takes The Hit And Holds On

No. 2: Brandt Belk Shows Bama They Need A New Home Security System

No. 1: Northeasternโ€™s Scott Holzwasser Soars In To Save His Center Fielder

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