D1Baseball’s Top 10 Plays – Week 14


Here are D1Baseball’s Top 10 Plays from Week 14 of the 2021 College Baseball Season.

Each week, we’ll grab highlights from college baseball teams’ social media pages and put together a comprehensive Top 10 reel!

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No. 10: Clemson’s Bryce Teodosio Steals A Hit In Center

No. 9: Bradley’s Ryan Vogel Makes A Web Gem Against The Wall

No. 8: Oregon State’s Andy Armstrong Channels Jeter With The Jump Throw

No. 7: Alabama’s Caden Rose Is Cleared For Takeoff

No. 6: Indiana State’s Jordan Schaffer Saves A Run At Full Extension

No. 5: Auburn’s Bryson Ware Wipes a 3-Run Bomb Off The Board

No. 4: Bailey Welch With A Barehand Beauty For App State

No. 3: Andrew Bacon Goes Up To The Third Floor To Make The Play

No. 2: How Did Marist’s Dylan Hoy Make This Leaping Catch?

No. 1: Pitt’s Jordan Anderson Takes Away A Surefire Slam In Center

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