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D1Baseball’s Top 10 Plays – Week 6


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Here are D1Baseball’s Top 10 Plays from Week 6 of the 2021 College Baseball Season.

Each week, we’ll grab highlights from college baseball teams’ social media pages and put together a comprehensive Top 10 reel!

To get your plays featured, use the hashtag #D1Top10 so we can get them on the list.

No. 10: Mercer Goes Around The Horn For A Triple Play

No. 9: UC Irvine’s Luke “Superman” Spillane Makes The Diving Catch

No. 8: Houston’s Tyler Bielamowicz Brings One Back At The Wall

No. 7: FGCU’s Marc Coffers Does His Best Willie Mays Impression

No. 6: Michigan’s Jacob Denner Reminds You That Pitchers Are Athletes

No. 5: Kent State’s Michael Turners Goes Full Extension in Foul Territory

No. 4: Brock Franks Frankly Doesn’t Care You Want A Hit

No. 3: Justyn-Henry Malloy – King Of The Hot Corner

No. 2: Mississippi State’s Kamren James Goes Out Of His Way To Get The Out

No. 1: Brady Allen’s All-In Effort Fires Up The Gamecocks

Do you want your team’s top play to be featured next week? Use the hashtag #D1Top10 on Twitter when posting your highlight-reel plays from the weekend!

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