D1Baseball Prospect Chat: April 4


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Devin: Do you think Isaiah Campbell could work his way into a 1st round pick?
DSeif: Yes, if he continues to stay healthy and dominate the SEC with his low 90s FB and plus slider. He’s athletic with a starter type delivery and four pitches he throws for strikes.

Dale: Of the 150 players, you have 8 catchers.  Rutschman at 1/1 is no question. McCann has had great power early but is also striking out at a 31% clip and only throwing out 3-20 (15%) runners.  Do you think he would be like a Schwarber (Cubs) and get moved to OF for his bat?  Langeliers had a great FR season.  1 good week on Cape.  Average SO season with some HR late.  Good CS%.  Couple weeks with USA in summer but avoided the Cape.  Now average numbers on offense and defense.  Why still at 10?  Millas is struggling with bat and CS% (5-25 for 20%) but he moved up?  How about some more details on Catchers as they are so hard to project because of the mental/physical demands of the position?
DSeif: McCann has a much better chance to stay behind the plate than Schwarber, but obviously won’t be selected 4th overall. I had him with a 45/50 arm on my look in Week 2 of the college season. Others I’ve spoken to said they’ve seen closer to 55 arm at times. That is more than enough arm to make a big improvement from his current 15%.

Eric Simmons: Will Michigan pitcher Tommy Henry be a 1st round pick in this year’s MLB Draft?
DSeif: I haven’t personally seen Henry since his FR year at Michigan. He had all the makings of a top round pick at that time, just needed a little more FB velo and good health.

Pierce: Thoughts on LSU RHP Matthew Beck? He’s been pretty dominant when throwing strikes.
Kendall Rogers: Beck is definitely interesting. Every time I’ve seen him, he’s had decent velocity on his fastball and that hammer curveball is a really nice pitch. With that said, there are plenty of relievers out there you could throw into the same boat.

Southpaw: How far apart are Lodolo and Thompson? Is there a scenerio where Thompson could go before him?
Kendall Rogers: Southpaw — There’s absolutely a chance Thompson goes ahead of Lodolo in the end. I’ve been pretty impressed with Thompson this season, and when he’s rolling, that FB/CB combo he has is pretty lethal. Personally, everyone has different opinions, but I could go either way with those guys. I do like the fact Thompson is a little thicker, and IMO, more durable for the long-term. Both are terrific prospects, though.

RollWave: Kody Hoese has been stellar for Tulane this year and added a couple more home runs Tuesday night. His power numbers are up considerably and he is an outstanding defender at third base. Where do you see him going in June, and could he sneak into the top 50?
DSeif: We have Hoese at No. 41, 2nd round range. He’s had as much helium as anyone…he was ranked No. 124 (6th round) by us back in Feb based on what we saw last summer. It would be great to see him rise into the top 50 overall.

Daniel: I’m a big Orioles fan. Is Rutschman the only sensible option for them with the first overall pick or am I sleeping on some other guys?
DSeif: In my mind, yes, he’s their only sensible option. Witt Jr would be great, but he carries a ton more risk as a HS prospect. Vaughn and Bleday are the other top college bats, but they play a corner, making them less valuable than Rutschman

John: What are your thoughts on Creightons duo, Will Robertson and Isaac Collins. Any buzz with them now that the season is underway?
DSeif: I saw both prospects in the Cape and liked them. However, this spring Robertson has been disappointing so far, I personally thought he would have a better year. In my mind his #s were deflated with the cold spring we had in 2018 and by playing his home games at TD Ameritrade. I will see both soon when the Blue Jays travel to Butler. Will know more then.

Henry: Cameron Eden at Cal is having a big year based off a solid Cape. Was he close?
DSeif: Yes and he stood out for us this summer in the Cape-…


Dan at Cal: Where’s Korey Lee!?!?!
DSeif: Catcher at Cal. Looked good in the Northwoods Lg this summer. Best arm and the best POP time at their prospects showcase-…


Bill: With Duke Kinamon back and healthy how close was he to the list?
DSeif: I attended Texas at Stanford in Week 4. Duke started at 2B the last 3 games of the 4-game series, but was not at his best. He was not talked about for the Top 150.

Sam: Ryan Anderson at Nevada has been putting up silly numbers in that environment as a 6’6 lefty in low 90’s. How is he not higher?
DSeif: Maybe he should be higher. There are a lot of very good college players out there. Our Prep Baseball Report Scouting Director saw him on a cold day earlier this March at 86-91. I saw him last summer in the Northwoods and we ranked him 4th among the 2019s-


Camden: Where’s the love for Armani Smith? Putting up good numbers at UCSB and tools have never been a question.
DSeif: Yes, we featured Armani this past summer in the Northwoods-…  This spring he’s at .271/.333/.646 with 3x as many KOs as BBs.

Eric Simmons: Will Texas A&M pitcher John Doxakis be a top 5 round pick?
DSeif: Yes, easily with continued good health. We have him ranked in the 2nd round right now.

David: How did Dom Fletcher fall from a top 10 pick to the 4th round in the latest rankings?
DSeif: Although he has picked it up with the bat in the recent weeks, my look at him against Missouri was very vanilla-…


Northern Ca. Baseball fan : Besides Andrew Vaughn who in northern ca. Has a chance to go in the first 5 rounds.
DSeif: You can find the entire Top 150 here-…


Michael : Has RHP Ryan Pepiot – Butler been climbing up draft boards?
DSeif: I think he’s been a consistent 4-6th rounder since the Cape last summer. I saw him in the fall at that level and will see him again when the Bulldogs host Creighton in a of couple of weeks.

Stewart: What does Josh Burgmann – Washington need to do to sneak into the 1st day? Or is he more of an early second day pick?
DSeif: We have him in the 4th round at this time. I think it will be difficult for him to sneak into the top 2 rounds (Day 1). At 6’0 it’s tough for a righthander to go that high without big stuff. Burgmann’s stuff is good, but I wouldn’t call it big.

Chip: Stanford has their catcher hitting in the 1 spot.  Do the expectations of a lead off batter hinder the power numbers writers/scouts look at for that position?  Seems he is still performing with the other top catchers in the PAC12 defensively.
DSeif: Both Kendall and I really like Maverick Handley. I love his passion for the game and his leadership behind the dish. In his specific case, I don’t believe it hinders his power #s because I don’t think power is part of his tool package. He just missed the Top 150 after ranking No. 127 in our pre-season list.

Mark: What is a RHP outside rounds 1-2 name you keep hearing buzz on?
DSeif: We have Seth Johnson from Campbell in the 3rd round, but have heard late 1st round buzz on him. Also, Zach Linginfelter from Tennessee is creating buzz once again, but he was there before in 2018 as a draft eligible prospect. Hunter Brown from D2 Wayne State in Mich is getting national xcheck looks as well.

Texas Hog: Who are some of the Razorback prospects that are high on yalls list?
DSeif: 2019s: Campbell, Cronin, Fletcher, Scroggins, Kopps, Kostyshock.
2020s: Martin, Kjerstad, Opitz, Ramage

Koby: With a couple of Midwest programs in Creighton and Indiana State holding top 30 RPI at the moment, anyone in particular on those rosters who draftniks should be paying attention to?
DSeif: I personally like LHP Polley from Indiana State. Saw him last year as a junior, thought he would be taken in the Top 10 rounds, but wasn’t and he returned for his senior year. I will see the Sycamores at the MVC Tourney in May. As for Creighton, their main two prospects are Collins and Robertson. Both played well for me in the Cape last summer and I plan to see them again in a couple weeks at Butler.

Hottub : Peyton Burdick is raking, what does he bring to the table from a tools perspective?
DSeif: Here’s what one of our scouts saw last summer in the Cape-…


Tom: Thought about usc Kyle hurt, Blake Sabol, and Matthew Acosta?
DSeif: Hurt looks to be struggling, although I haven’t seen him since last summer. Sabol is ranked No. 58 (3rd round). Saw Acosta in the Northwoods at Green Bay and think he’s a very good college baseball player.

Theodore : Who are the 2019 and 2020 draft prospect at Xavier?
DSeif: 2019: Grammes, Warkentin, although he struggles to get to his big raw power with lots of strikeouts. Givin is a solid senior shortstop. Both Williams have shown big velo in the past, but neither pitched on my look vs. UNC in Week 1.
2020: Allbry Major is their top guy with LHP Zwack and C Monastra on the radar as well.

Hottub : The results from Adam Lukas have been hit or miss but I’ve heard he’s sitting mid 90s with low effort. Any report on the stuff or the cause of his up and down performance?
DSeif: He’s a big, strong guy with arm strength. His slider can be hit or miss as well. I’m looking forward to seeing him again at MVC tourney this May.

Hottub : How would you rank these potential Day 1 shortstops, defense only…Holland, Davidson, Stott, Wilson, Shewmake, Smith, Jones, McConnell?
DSeif: Tough Q since I haven’t seen all of them this spring, although I have seen all of them over the course of 1 year…Stott, Josh Smith, Will Wilson, Davidson, Holland, Greg Jones, McConnell

Penelope: Iowa have any real prospects for 2019? What about 2020?
DSeif: Does Conor McCaffery count? He’s FR eligible, but a little raw from playing hoops most of his life. Their catcher, Austin Martin has drawn some interest as he’s having a good year offensively and is dependable behind the dish.

Eric Simmons: Will Andrew Vaughn of Cal be a 1st round pick this year?
DSeif: Does the sun rise in the East?

Brett Becker: Who are your list of top freshman from around the country?
DSeif: Pretty good list right here…


4118: Does Antoine Duplantis’s recent power surge help his draft stock and by how much
DSeif: Hard to say, but he is a late maturer and will likely have even more down the road. As a senior, I can see him going a round or so higher than where we now have him ranked in the 6th.

Tom : Do you think Ethan Small can go in 2nd round? Jake Mangum in the 3rd or 4th?
DSeif: Yes. And yes, yes.

PG: ECU definitely has talent in Brickhouse and Packard who will both probably be gone after the draft in June. What pitching talent do y’all see leaving as well?
DSeif: I just saw them this past Friday at USF. I would take Agnos where we have him, 4th round. As for the others, I did not see Benton and Gavin Williams is their big arm for 2020.

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