Florida State has some rising young players, but it will be up to Ben DeLuzio to be the premier prospect. Frankie Piliere dissects the Noles' prospects and recruits.


Prospect Profiles: Florida State

Now that our official early top 50 lists for both the college and high school ranks have been released here at D1Baseball.com, it’s time to delve deeper into the prospects that showed up on these lists. As the offseason moves along, we will release batches of scouting reports on the highest-profile prospects from around the nation in the college and prep ranks. And as the draft quickly approaches in the spring, we will continue updating our database of reports. All reports will be based on both first-hand scouting observations, as well as a vast array of industry opinions.

As we move through the process of releasing these reports over the course of the offseason, they will be grouped in a variety of ways. Our first and primary way of grouping these players will be by school, noting the top draft prospects in a program’s recruiting class and on its present roster. These breakdowns do not include each draftable talent associated with the program, but instead serve as a glimpse of the consensus. To go with each scouting report, we will include a grade on the prospect’s best tool in the eyes of scouts, using the industry standard 20-80 scale as our guide.

FloridaStateFlorida State is not going to be a team you look at in awe in terms of potential early round draft prospects on their current roster. It’s an extremely balanced, talented group but much of their elite talent is stashed in that underclass crop. Ben DeLuzio is their best example of the high grade athleticism this squad has, and he’ll be among the most watched prospects on this team. And when it comes to the recruiting class, Florida State has their hands on a historically talented crop of high school stars. If any of the group of Forrest Whitley, Josh Lowe, Drew Mendoza, or Cole Ragans arrive on campus, they are potential superstars on the college scene.


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