Talking Vanderbilt Baseball with Aria Gerson – Highway to Hoover Podcast

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On this episode of Highway to Hoover, Joe Healy is joined by Aria Gerson of The Tennessean to talk Vanderbilt baseball. They discuss how the Vanderbilt lineup has impressed thus far, the steadiness of the weekend rotation through five weeks, the freshmen relievers who have stepped up in a big way and much more.

01:22 Analyzing Vanderbilt’s Offensive Strategy
04:48 Spotlight on Alan Espinal’s Breakout Season
07:14 Highlighting Freshman Sensation Camden Kozeal
09:02 Examining Vanderbilt’s Pitching Dynamics
10:21 The Freshmen Phenomenon in the Bullpen
15:12 Optimism and Challenges in the Bullpen
17:30 The Art of Midseason Adjustments
21:09 Final Thoughts and Where to Follow Aria’s Work

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