Tyler Malone is screaming for vengeance after parking a ninth inning home run.


CWS: Day Five In Pictures


Tonight was eerie. Prophetically eerie? Well maybe not that extreme, but eerie still. 

As soon as the creepy-looking mist took over the stadium, Oregon State locked in. Trailing 6-3 going into the eighth inning, an odd “torrential mist” started waving over the TDA grounds and that’s exactly when the Beavers started their comeback. Adley Rutschman cranked a three-run double to tie the game in the eighth inning, leading the Beavers to a pair of four-run frames and allowing them to cruise to an 11-6 win. 

Up in their neck of the woods they call these conditions “The Corvallis Mist.” Beaver shortstop Caydn Grenier said this about the weather in the post-game press conference, “Every time we are playing a game and it starts to rain, everybody kind of looks around and says, ‘Okay, we’re going to come back and do what we do at home.”

“When the rain comes, we know there’s a possibility of a storm coming and that’s from us.”

We say goodbye to North Carolina. Tough, tough loss. 

But let’s say it here, they made amends for the last two season’s shortcomings. In 2016 the Tar Heels missed the NCAA Tournament altogether due mostly to their losing record in ACC play. In 2017 they were a top-eight National Seed, only to see their fortunes come to an end when they were upset by Davidson in their home Regional. 

Well it may sting right now Tar Heel fans, but your boys made this a bounce back year. And a year to remember, making it all the way to Omaha for the first time since 2013 and putting the program back on the national map. Once again, when you mention the best teams in the nation, the Tar Heels come to mind very very soon near to the top of the list.

“Probably not one of our most talented teams that we’ve had,” coach Mike Fox said. “But perhaps our most unselfish, toughest, grittiest, just determined to get here. For me personally it’s probably been one of the most fun seasons I’ve had because this team has just been so easy to coach. But this is the hardest part of coaching. It’s the end.”

Earlier in the day, Arkansas took down Texas Tech after staking itself to a 5-0 lead after four innings while cruising to a 7-4 win. Two of the Red Raider runs came in the ninth inning. The Razorbacks join Mississippi State as the two teams that will enter the bracket championship round needing to get beaten twice to hold them out of the CWS championship series. 

Here is how some of the images came out… 

The Razorbacks scored two runs in the first inning and one run in the third and never trailed the entire game. The Hogs advance to Friday’s bracket title round, awaiting the winner of Tech and Florida.

The numerous Arkansas fans were having a ball while calling the Hogs early and often.


This is game No. 64 of the season, so a collision like Texas Tech had here (which allowed two Arkansas runs) just seems like it shouldn’t happen.


… for example, look how Razorback shortstop Jax Biggers bails out big time when getting called off by left fielder Heston Kjerstad.


Kacey Murphy pitched into the fifth inning, giving up two runs and striking out seven and helping his team jump out to a 5-0 lead.


Tech’s Brian Klein only had one hit on the day but it was a two-run double that jump-started the offense that was slumbering at the time.


As I tweeted today, Holy Woody Harrelson! Gabe Holt has some hops in those gams. Look at that serious amount of hang time.


Oh cool. I see that Lady StitchHead was able to catch another cool shot of one of the omnipresent swallows that continually swoop down to nab moths near the ground of TD Ameritrade Park.


One unique thing that Arkansas does… a home run head hug. Here Dominic Fletcher is feeling the love after his 4th inning bomb.


Tech first baseman Cameron Warren narrowly avoids a fireball leaving a mark in a very painful spot.


A back-scratcher. Reliever Barrett Loseke was credited with the win after throwing 3.0 innings of 2-hit ball. He improved to 4-2 on the season.


Dominic Fletcher became the first player in TD Ameritrade history to have four hits and four RBI in a game finishing with two singles, a double and a home run.


Home plate umpire Barry Chambers shows the world his ring up call.


After a wild pitch kindly bounded right off the backstop and back to Tech catcher Braxton Fulford, he turned around to nail Dominic Fletcher at the dish.


Fletcher appeared to be injured after the play… or just playing possum.


The Beavers made a valiant comeback to keep themselves alive and advance to take on Mississippi State on Friday. For a long while though, it looked like their season was coming to an end tonight. 


The yin and yang of the game. OSU’s Cadyn Grenier is welcomed as a hero as UNC’s Brandon Martorano is dejected.


Everyone Stop! UNC head coach Mike Fox, OSU third baseman Michael Gretler and first baseman Zak Taylor all put up both arms to stop their respective teams from making a mistake.


The Beavers even looked determined as hell when going after a foul ball, some players going head over tea-kettle.


A Bermuda Triangle shot to shallow center field found three OSU players making a play on the ball. Center fielder Jack Anderson actually has the ball land into the webbing of his glove as shortstop Cadyn Grenier goes balls out to snag the fly. Left fielder Kyle Nobach looks terrified at the specter of a smashup in the meadow.


Let the bodies hit the floor. After the harrowing near-miss, Anderson hits terra firma but still holds on to the ball for the out.


UNC-Kyle Datres and Brandon Martorano do a little end zone dance after Datres hit the sixth-inning two-run dong shot.




OSU’s Cadyn Grenier puts a harsh tag on a UNC baserunner Ike Freeman, causing the helmet to come unhinged and his hair to suddenly go blonde. Ouch.


Zack Gahagan (#10) and the UNC bench probably felt like the cock of the walk after scoring a pair of runs in the sixth and going into the late innings with a 6-3 lead.


In the eighth inning North Carolina switched out Caden O’Brien (#34) for Joey Lancellotti (#36) on the mound. It would not be a fortuitous switch as Lancellotti ended up giving up two runs on one hit and a walk without recording an out.


OSU’s rally left the Beavers on fire as they seemed to do no wrong in the 8th and 9th innings. Here Caydn Grenier scores another late run, setting the Beavers off.


The Tar Heels are nearly inconsolable after the game, but in a short period of time they are going to realize how special this 2018 season was for them.


Post-game respect. Two old war horses with a ton of respect. Oregon State’s Pat Casey and North Carolina’s Mike Fox. A ton of wins between these two Hall of Fame-type coaches as well.


Primus “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver”

How apropos that the stadium PA played this song in the top of the 5th inning as the Beavers were about to come to bat. Great song. Silly song. Brilliant video. Here it is…


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