Grant Anderson (left) and Aidan Anderson (McNeese Athletics)


McNeese’s Twin Strikeout Machines

McNeese assistant coach Nick Zaleski delivered the perfect punch line on a night in which the Anderson twins – junior righthanders Grant and Aidan – had combined to punch out 18 batters.

But even with all those strikeouts, the Cowboys were locked in a 1-1 duel with Northwestern State in the bottom of the 13th inning when Zaleski made his plea.

“Can we,” Zaleski began, “get the Anderson family some help please?”

Joe Provenzano obliged as his walk-off double gave Aidan Anderson and the Cowboys the 2-1 victory on a night in which a McNeese record was set for most batters fanned in one game.

That a set of twins went all 13 innings in that April 20 game made it especially noteworthy.

So, just who are Grant and Aidan Anderson?

Here’s a primer:

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