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Uniformity: The Throwback Edition

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As the season progresses, each week we’ll have a full roundup of some of college baseball’s newest uniforms.  This week, old is new.  Teams are digging deep in their archives to introduce a throwback uniform into their rotation.  But, keep in ind, these are not your grandfather’s old wool and flannel unis.  They are moisture wicking and lightweight.

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Let’s take a look at some of them:

Texas Tech

These cream colored throwbacks give the feel of old time baseball.  High socks complete the look as well as the throwback Double-T logo’d hat.  A home run for Under Armour and Texas Tech!



Adidas designed throwbacks for some of it’s most visible programs – Arizona State, Nebraska, NC State, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Miami and Louisville.  These unis bring back memories of Barry Bonds, Will Clark, Rafael Palmeiro and Ron Fraser.  We wonder how comfortable the Louisville jerseys are with the extended sleeves, though.  Ground rule double!



These Texas throwbacks are from the ’49-’50 seasons.  Notice the flap on the back pocket as well as the cream colored stirrups.  This is just a classic look.  Stand up double!



This LSU uniform is specifically designed for the “Turn Back the Clock” game against  Tulane on March 28.  While some teams have used this design, the LSU colors are perfect for it.  By the way, where are the buttons?  Nike has started hiding the buttons on some of their jerseys for a cleaner look.  LSU and Nike legged out a triple with these.




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