Jake Rogers continues to move up draft boards at the catching position, as we examine his game, as well as take a look at a trio of fast rising high school pitching prospects.


Prospect Notebook: Week Seven


This week, our Prospect Notebook will highlight and detail some of the most intriguing prospects performances from around the nation, including some of the landscape’s best high school prospects as well. Prospects will be cited based on their significance in the scouting world, as well as how their performance could impact their draft stock moving forward. Players from all draft classes will be discussed, from freshman 2018 draft prospects right on through to this year’s 2016 class.

After each weekend, we will gather insight from professional scouts from around the nation, as well as from coaches and staff first hand accounts. From this, we will bring you the latest on what college baseball has to offer to the future of the professional baseball and draft universe.

Here’s a look at some of the prospects that scouts are talking about after week seven of the college baseball season, as well as around the nation at the high school level.

Jake Rogers (2016, Tulane) continues to look like one of the most rock solid, elite defensive catchers coming out of the college ranks that we’ve seen in recent memory. He was impeccable defensively over the weekend against UConn, showing sub 1.80 pop times and receiving skills that might be unmatched in this draft class. Rogers shows extra soft hands behind the plate and his blocking skills are text book. He also made a particularly spectacularly play on a bunt in front of the plate on Friday, showing outstanding quickness and agility. Couple that with plus raw arm strength and it’s a super starter kit for a big league catcher. Rogers also continues to show progress at the plate, as he stays inside the zone very well and has learned how to tap into his above average power potential. He looks like a strong candidate as a potential sandwich round to second round selection.


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