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Pitt’s Hot Start, Looking Ahead to ACC Play – ACC Baseball Etc.

ACC Baseball Etc.

On this episode of ACC Baseball Etc., Mike Rooney and Daron Vaught recap Pittsburgh winning the Las Vegas College Baseball Classic and look forward to the opening weekend of ACC play. How important was Clemson’s series victory over South Carolina? Will Wake Forest lose an ACC series this year? Is the ACC “tier-less” now?

01:56 Discussion on Las Vegas College Baseball Classic
03:33 Highlighting Promising Players
07:47 Insights on ACC Teams and Upcoming Matches
09:55 Deep Dive into Wake Forest’s Performance
13:45 Analysis of Florida State’s Performance
16:16 Expectations for the ACC Season
22:53 Surprises and Standout Players of the Season
23:39 Highlighting Promising Freshman Players
23:49 Analyzing Drew Burress’ Performance
25:01 Luke Stevenson’s Impact at North Carolina
26:37 Ryan Zuckerman’s Role at Pitt
27:31 Discussing Miami’s Transition and Future
28:00 Clemson’s Importance for the League
36:16 The Challenge for Louisville
40:12 The Importance of Pitching in ACC
43:29 The Search for Drew Burress’ Nickname

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