Long Beach State's Rocco Peppi leaps for joy after hitting a game-winning homer Saturday (Eric Sorenson)


Long Beach State, UC Irvine Take Down American Foes


LONG BEACH — … it’s as if the Dirtbags and the Anteaters don’t like Americans.

(Grooooaaaaan, bad pun, I know.) 

On day two of this 130-day college baseball season I got an up-close and personal first hand look at how UC Irvine and Long Beach State took down AAC members Tulane and Wichita State in soul-crushing fashion. I mean they did it with the disrespect of a French Maitre De to a group of pudgy Americans wearing shorts and ordering escargot. Irvine took Tulane to the woodshed in an 11-4 pasting and Long Beach stunned Wichita on the final[…]