2022 College Baseball Fantasy Draft | D1Baseball Podcast


The college baseball season is about to start, so what better time to do a fantasy draft?

Mike Rooney, Kendall Rogers, Aaron Fitt and David Seifert snaked their way through a twelve-round draft with the goal of building a team to win the 2022 College World Series. Seif nabbed Texas Tech 2B Jace Jung with the number one overall pick, but the fun didn’t stop there as the guys searched for value picks and Kendall drafted as many Texans and D1 Players Society members as he could possibly squeeze into one team. Player values were based on D1Baseball’s Preseason Position Power Rankings, which you can find here.

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Spoiler Alert: Below are the final rosters for our four teams competing for the crown: Kendall Rogers’ Buccee’s Believers, Mike Rooney’s Delco Boat Racers, David Seifert’s Cans-O-Corn, and Aaron Fitt’s Beef Jerky Czars.

PositionSeifert - Player CostRogers - PlayerCost
CKyle Teel48Silas Ardoin28
1BPeyton Williams1Luke Hancock7
2BJace Jung50Robert Moore49
3BJacob Berry50Brayden Taylor48
SSAndrew Pintar37Trey Faltine41
OFEnrique Bradfield Jr.146Brock Jones149
OFGabe Denton3Eric Kennedy1
OFJosiah Sightler6Devonte Brown97
SPCarson Whisenhunt146Jake Bennett73
SPLuke Eldred23Christian Little60
SPHagen Smith85Drew McDaniel36
RPKC Hunt1Eric Reyzelman9
TOTAL BUDGET ($600 to start)42
PositionRooney - PlayerCostFitt - PlayerCost
CJimmy Obertop17Logan Tanner49
1BTim Elko46Tommy White27
2BTravis Bazanna29Matthew Shaw45
3BNolan McLean42Trey Lipscomb1
SSBrooks Lee50Jacob Gonzalez49
OFChris Newell95Dylan Crews150
OFJared McKenzie145Wade Meckler31
OFBrendan Hueth14Trevor Candelaria28
SPZebby Matthews2Luke Fox117
SPParker Messick148Bryce Osmond32
SPChase Burns9Cade Kuehler64
RPKaleb Corbett3Grayson Moore7
TOTAL BUDGET ($600 to start)42