Louisville's Brendan McKay (Aaron Fitt)


Final Mock Draft Update: Top 10 Picks


The 2017 MLB Draft is now upon us and the rumor mill has officially been kicked into high gear. Where will the very best talent in this year’s crop end up? Which big league teams have their sights set on certain players? While we won’t get definitive answers to these questions until 7 p.m. tonight, that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying around the scouting world.

After thorough consultation with our sources in the scouting world, here is our final projection of how the first 10 selections in the first round could unfold in this year’s amateur draft.

1. Minnesota Twins – Brendan McKay, lhp, LouisvilleTWINS90X90

ANALYSIS: The Twins appear to be be debating McKay versus prep star Royce Lewis. The analytics favor McKay and the scouts are making their case for Lewis. But this will come down to price tag.

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