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Weekend 3 Reactions – The D1Baseball Podcast

The D1Baseball Podcast

On this episode of the D1Baseball Podcast, Mike Rooney and Joe Healy recap Weekend 3 around college baseball. They discuss the exciting tournaments in Houston, Arlington, Las Vegas and Frisco while also touching on the big Clemson-South Carolina and Miami-Florida rivalry series.

01:00 Hosts’ Casual Banter and Personal Anecdotes
03:25 Recap of Clemson vs South Carolina
08:17 Analysis of Florida vs Miami
14:22 Discussion on Astros Foundation College Classic
15:39 Insights on Texas and LSU’s Performance
23:01 Kubota College Baseball Series Weekend 3
23:36 Deep Dive into TCU
25:05 Assessing A&M’s Potential and Challenges
28:10 The Struggles of Southern California and Arizona State
29:30 The Rise of Utah in the Pac-12
30:42 Pitt’s Unexpected Success
34:55 The Resilience of Alabama and DBU
40:16 The Last Undefeated Teams: A Closer Look
43:31 Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

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