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Eric Cressey works with Duke righthander Bryce Jarvis (Aaron Fitt)


An Alternate Approach To Summer: The Rise Of Private Facility Training

HUDSON, Mass. — On an August morning in a sleepy Central Massachusetts hamlet, Duke righthander Bryce Jarvis is one of several dozen laser-focused athletes prowling the spacious Cressey Sports Performance training facility, each of them with clipboard and pen in hand. Jarvis’ clipboard lays out his entire personalized workout schedule for the day, with his own hand-written notes adding further instruction. Even the warm-up phase is super-detailed: “Warm-ups (preferably barefoot): 90/90 Hip Shift w/ 2-arm reach (5 breaths, exhale fully). All Fours Belly Lift w/ Right Glute Max (5 breaths, exhale fully).” Next to this, Jarvis has scrawled, “left knee[…]