The Magic Begins! Michigan players spill onto the field and celebrate a stunning series win over No. 1 UCLA.


Michigan Stuns UCLA, Returns to Promised Land


LOS ANGELES — Don’t rub your eyes. It’s true, Michigan is going back to Omaha.

The last time Michigan made it to the College World Series, Madonna was relevant, The Terminator was born, gasoline cost $1.10 at the pump and David Hasselhoff was a sex symbol. (Take time to snicker on that one, or regurgitate, whatevs).

Oh, and of course to further muddle the clue here, none of the players on this year’s Wolverine team were even born yet. Hell, a couple of the coaches probably weren’t born yet either.

The year was 1984. Yes, big brother was watching. No, I mean the Orwellian type that is watching us, not the reality TV show that a large portion of our brainless society is watching.

That was the last time we saw the Fighting Schembechlers in Omaha playing for a national title in the horse-hide game we all love so much.

Enter 2019.

With tonight’s 4-2 upset of the No. 1 National Seeded UCLA Bruins, Erik Bakich and his boys are making that rare Big 10 appearance in the promised land this coming week. And they did it by having arguably the toughest road to get there. I mean, if you saw defending national champion Oregon State and No. 1-ranked UCLA standing in your way of making it to Omaha, you’d have to figure your chances were slim too, right?

Not the Wolverines.

“What we said when we got into the field of 64 was we were going to the ‘Creighton Regional’ because that was our first game,” Bakich said in the post game. “That’s the one thing that this team has done especially well the last few weeks – that is to play one game at a time, one inning at a time, one pitch at a time. These guys have just absolutely had a laser focus on just winning and giving it everything they’ve got pitch to pitch.”

The Wolverines now take that laser focus to the College World Series. Where it will feel like 1984 all over again. Except this time without that annoying Madonna soundtrack and without UM alum Barry Larkin on the roster.

It’s a Wolverine Pile.The Michiganders start to do the dog pile thing after recording the final out of their Super Regional win over UCLA.

Michigan made college baseball history by eliminating the National No. 1 seeded Bruins in game three of a hotly contested Super Regional that came down to the final out in each of the three contests. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say it was one of the more competitive Super Regional matchups of the last few years. And it worked out well for the Maize and Blue.


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