St. Mary's takes the last Pain Train to the off-season.


The Ouch List: Week 14


Oh man. This is what we call the “salad days” for the Pain Train. We’re one week away from the NCAA Tournament selection show and every lost game just gets more and more painful. A lost weekend series? Oh, that goes to “11” on the pain scale here in the dying days of the college baseball season. And you’ll read about a few of those below, for sure.

But you know what? All is not painful in the college baseball landscape this week. Some teams avoided the ouch list and made big leaps in the all-too-important RPI. Just look at Northeastern, jumping from a precarious No. 44 up to No. 35 in a week’s time. Baylor is another one. Last Monday the Bears were teetering at No. 52. This week? Tottering at No. 42. And nobody has been shot out of a cannon up the scales like Purdue has. They entered the week at No. 56 but swept Michigan and shot up to No. 40 now.

As for those poor souls who weren’t so lucky? Here you go.

The final Ouch List of 2018…

What Happened: Lost three straight at Mississippi State
Why It Hurts: Not a good time to go cold.
I don’t know if you guys know anything about mojo, hexes or bad juju, but I just thought I’d point out that since I was in Gainesville last week watching the Gators win the first two games of their series with Georgia, they have gone 0-for-4 since. They lost all three games at MSU this week by a combined 31-13. And considering we are heading into the post-season, this is a bad time to go head-long into a losing streak. I know, this MSU series meant very little to them and the Gators aren’t in any danger of losing their National Seed or anything, but it’s just a single eyebrow raise as we head toward June Madness.



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