Hey, you'd be smiling too if you were smacking an RBI triple to the wall like Brett Baty, a future Texas Longhorn.


2018 Area Code Games: Day One Wrap


LONG BEACH, Calif. — As many of you StitchHeads out there who have been reading my garb and following me for years know, the Area Code Games is one of my favorite events. It’s no big deal really though, I mean it’s not the College World Series, the Dairy Queen Classic or the Houston College Classic or anything like that. But it is a bunch of high school All Americans who gather in one place to play five days worth of games for scouts from every MLB team and a whole gaggle of college baseball coaches from around the country.

Displaying their talent is first and foremost on their mind since they are playing in front of the very evaluators that will make them rich some day in our sport. So don’t look for teams to be gutting it out to get a check-mark in the win column. These are the best of the best in high school players for the 2019 season and they are just here to play well as individuals.

The Cincinnati Reds walk out for the post-game handshake knowing they blew plenty of chances to win their game vs. the Texas Rangers.

Now, I always like to lay out some of the ground rules here in Long Beach for my first Area Code Games column of the week. So here are some things you need to know about the ACG.


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