UCLA looked good from the first rush-the-field to the last out in beating No. 1-ranked Oregon State 7-1.


Bruins Bounce Beavers Behind Big Bats


LOS ANGELES — Holy cow. What a day for upsets in college baseball. Across the board there were a ton of surprising results and some devastating aftermaths to them. Especially when you consider the ramifications of the NCAA tournament at-large pool of teams.

None of the days results were as stunning as what I saw at UCLA tonight. So we’ll start our StitchHead look at what happened in our beloved sport with what I saw in Westwood tonight while most of the East coasters were already asleep in their beds.


Evidently, I saw a game where the two teams must’ve exchanged uniforms before the game, because the UCLA Bruins looked like the unstoppable top-ranked machine and the Oregon State Beavers looked like the team that had played .500 ball coming in. But let’s be sure to big-picture this thing, it was also just “one of those days” that championship clubs have on their bumpy road to success. However, if we’re still saying the same thing tomorrow afternoon after game three is done, then we will certainly give the Bruins a ton of credit while also putting the Beavers on notice.

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