The On In Omaha Show: Recapping the First 4 Days & Looking Ahead

College World Series

Join Mike Rooney, Kendall Rogers, and Aaron Fitt break down all the action from the past few days of the 2021 College World Series, look ahead to Wednesday and Thursday, and give their picks!

10 responses to “The On In Omaha Show: Recapping the First 4 Days & Looking Ahead”

  1. What I’m seeing is a confirmation of overrated sec teams. If Vandy loses tonight it becomes even more apparent.

    Also, the ACC is showing they might have been underrated.

    • there won’t be an ACC team left after tomorrow. But, UVa and NC St surely have done well. Been duly impressed by both, but especially NC St. I think early tales of VU’s demise, before Monday arrives, is going to turn out to be an egg-on-the-face moment. So, when it is a MS St/VU final, are we going to revisit the comparison? Will be the second time in the last 3 years that the final is between two SEC teams. That, and the fact the ACC has yet to win a title, fairly well paints the picture. Good teams? You bet. Great ones? Not so much. Just do not have the P’s the SEC has, think the rest is closer to even.

  2. 2 of the final four will be SEC.. Conspiracy Theory Guy’s head just exploded.. Was that the revenge of Walt Disney??..

  3. No love for MS State. Last I checked the idea was to win in any fashion.

    Yes McCloud has not been solid lately. But, the rest of the pitching staff is solid top to bottom. How many other teams in this tournament could their starter give up 4 runs in 2 innings and the their bull pen hold the opposing team to zero runs in 6 innings?

    That being said. I do believe Texas is a huge hurdle if we face them again.

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