Alex Faedo, Florida

Alex Faedo, Florida (Tim Casey)


Projections Primer


The postseason picture is always changing, and with our latest projections coming Wednesday afternoon, it’s a great time to take an inside look at how last week’s national seeds fared, while also dissecting each team’s situation and looking at which direction they’re trending.

In addition to analysis on each national seed, we also take an in-depth look at teams trending the right or wrong direction from an at-large bid standpoint.

Let’s get you primed for the latest projections.

Oregon State

Record/RPI: 38-4, 1

RPI Metrics: 55 SOS, 111 NSOS, 8-0 vs. RPI Top 25, 10-0 vs. RPI Top 50, 27-3 vs. RPI Top 100

Trending: Same

Synopsis: Nothing has changed for the Beavers over the past week, and for good reason. OSU had a terrific week that included a midweek win over Oregon and a home series sweep over California, in which it scored 29 runs in three games. OSU is running away with the Pac-12 title and finishes the regular season with series against Oregon (66), Washington State (114) and Abilene Christian (262). In other words, the winning trend isn’t likely to change the final three weeks.

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