Adley Rutschman, Oregon State (Mandy Sorenson)


D1 Analytics: Top 100 Draft-Eligible Hitters


A supplemental method used by nearly all MLB clubs (some to a greater extent than others) to identify potential prospects is through statistical analysis. As scouts refine their 2019 draft list, the analytics department of each front office will send it’s area scouts a list of stat-based follows. In many instances, the names on this list will match those already on a scout’s draft list. In other instances, a couple names on the analytic list may be new to a scout, prompting the scout to get out and take a look at the office’s recommendations. We have approached the analytics process in similar fashion—to identify possible under the radar prospects. Hitting has been broken down into three categories: Plate Discipline, Hit Ability, and Game Power.

Adjustments have been made to account for park effects of the most extreme hitter and pitcher friendly parks, as well as an adjustment for a team’s strength of schedule. Our analysis is based solely on statistics. It does not take into account a prospect’s position. For example, a middle of the diamond player has more value than a corner player with a similar score. Nor do the scores consider a player’s age, athleticism, swing mechanics, bat speed, running speed, defense or throwing tools. This list is all about bat skill and identifying hitters who have statistically performed in areas that are proven to correlate into professional baseball. Players are graded from 0-100. Here’s our Top 100 ranking:

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