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2022 D1Baseball Third-Team Preseason All-Americans

Season Preview

D1Baseball’s editors and national writers select the preseason All-America teams with one guiding principle in mind: to identify the best and most valuable college baseball players for the 2022 season. Past performance and future potential factor into the deliberations, but the goal is neither to identify the best future major leaguers nor to reward the players who have put up the gaudiest numbers in past seasons (particularly since the level of competition varies significantly from one conference to another). The objective is to select the players who would provide the most value for a team that wanted to win the College World Series in 2022 — the players who are best equipped to perform against elite college competition this spring.

We begin today with a look at the third team, which is led by four players from the ACC and three apiece from Conference USA, the Pac-12 and the SEC. Check back later today to see the second team and the first team.

Third-Team Preseason All-Americans

CHayden Dunhurst, Ole Miss.280/.385/.435.82023211274332443
1BCaden Grice, Clemson.317/.427/.6181.04518691155328742
2BAustin Knight, Charlotte.342/.398/.6151.0132342911163154913
3BBrock Wilken, Wake Forest.279/.365/.617.982183110174423360
SSRyan Ritter, Kentucky.275/.323/.365.6881785132011468
OFDylan Beavers, California.303/.401/.6301.0312111121849325310
OFNathan Church, UC Irvine.369/.424/.5831.00727124866123347
OFJace Grady, Dallas Baptist.341/.422/.540.962176173440233315
DHEthan Long, Arizona State.340/.417/.7041.121162110165418460
UTNolan McLean, Oklahoma State.263/.410/.526.93613710182027501
SPJonathan Cannon, Georgia423.981312063.11357.233
SPJonathan Fincher, Louisiana Tech833.0517160100.12385.219
SPBryce Hubbart, Florida State653.8016140712994.208
SPMarcus Johnson, Duke533.053007561259.196
SPDrew Thorpe, Cal Poly663.791615190.138104.240
RPNoah Dean, Old Dominion014.64190921.11444.203
RPKolby Somers, Oregon223.082001126.11437.149
UTNolan McLean, Oklahoma State0118.00200243.286


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