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2024 Season Preview Video with NCAA Digital’s Michella Chester

Season Preview

NCAA Digital’s Michella Chester sits down with D1Baseball’s Kendall Rogers and Aaron Fitt for an in-depth discussion on the top teams and players in college baseball, first focusing on the top five teams—Wake Forest, Florida, Arkansas, LSU, and TCU. Talking in detail about:

  • Wake Forest’s Unparalleled Star Power
  • Florida’s Balanced Team
  • Arkansas’ Strong Pitching
  • LSU’s Potential
  • TCU’s Maturity

The conversation extends to other SEC teams, with emphasis on Texas A&M and Tennessee‘s offensive prowess and Vanderbilt‘s pitching potential. Aaron talks about how the ACC is wide open beyond Wake Forest, with several teams like Clemson and Duke having potential due to their balanced teams and elite pitching, respectively.

The Pac-12’s uncertain future is touched upon, highlighting Oregon State as the clear top team. The Big Ten is discussed, focusing on Iowa’s potential for a significant season, led by Brody Brecht‘s standout pitching. Freshman impact players and top transfers like Braden Montgomery to Texas A&M & Chase Burns to Wake Forest are discussed, indicating their potential to significantly impact their new teams.

Finally, the video wraps up with a discussion on sleeper teams and the excitement around transfers, early-season matchups, and the potential for players to emerge as superstars, similar to previous standout seasons by notable players.

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