2023 D1Baseball Preseason All-Americans

Season Preview

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D1Baseball’s editors and national writers select the preseason All-America teams with one guiding principle in mind: to identify the best and most valuable college baseball players for the 2023 season. Past performance and future potential factor into the deliberations, but the goal is neither to identify the best future major leaguers nor to reward the players who have put up the gaudiest numbers in past seasons (particularly since the level of competition varies significantly from one conference to another). The objective is to select the players who would provide the most value for a team that wanted to win the College World Series in 2023 — the players who are best equipped to perform against elite college competition this spring.

For the second year in a row, top-ranked LSU leads all programs with three players on the All-America first team. The only two repeat members of the first team are both part of the LSU contingent: outfielder Dylan Crews and two-way talent Paul Skenes (a transfer from Air Force). Another transfer, Tommy White from NC State, is LSU’s third member of the first-team, at the DH spot.

Second-ranked Tennessee and No. 3 Stanford placed two players apiece on the first team, as did No. 6 Wake Forest and No. 7 Florida. The Cardinal leads all programs with five All-Americans overall, as first-team second baseman Tommy Troy and first-team closer Ryan Bruno are joined by second-team first baseman Carter Graham, third-team pitcher Quinn Matthews, and third-team two-way player Braden Montgomery.

The Volunteers are next with four All-Americans in all, as first-team pitchers Chase Burns and Chase Dollander are joined by third-team pitcher Drew Beam and third-team shortstop Maui Ahuna (a transfer from Kansas).

Wake Forest has three All-Americans total: first-team pitcher Rhett Lowder, first-team first baseman Nick Kurtz, and third-team closer Camden Minacci. Other programs with three All-Americans include Maryland (Luke Shliger, Matt Shaw and Jason Savacool), Miami (Andrew Walters, CJ Kayfus and Yohandy Morales) and Oklahoma State (Nolan McLean, Juaron Watts-Brown and Roc Riggio).

The SEC leads all conferences with seven players on the first team and 16 All-Americans overall. The ACC is second in both categories, with four members of the first team and 12 overall. The Pac-12 is third with two players on the first team and seven overall. The Big 12 and Big Ten each placed one player on the first team and four overall. The WAC and Sun Belt each have two All-Americans, while the A-10, Big South, CAA and Conference USA are represented with one All-American apiece.

First Team

CLuke Shliger, Maryland.349/.492/.5981.0912492221258544214
1BNick Kurtz, Wake Forest.338/.471/.6371.108204141155648382
2BTommy Troy, Stanford.346/.378/.577.9551821537239384
3BBrayden Taylor, TCU.314/.454/.5761.0302101411350554010
SSJacob Wilson, Grand Canyon.358/.418/.5851.00424618112652570
OFDylan Crews, LSU.349/.463/.6911.153249114226942565
OFVance Honeycutt, North Carolina.296/.409/.6721.0812471042557419029
OFWyatt Langford, Florida.355/.447/.7191.16625693266136447
DHTommy White, LSU.360/.425/.7541.179236120277423501
UTPaul Skenes, LSU.312/.412/.6301.042154100133821400
SPChase Burns, Tennessee822.861714078.225103.218
SPChase Dollander, Tennessee902.47161407313108.174
SPTanner Hall, Southern Miss932.811917010914146.233
SPRhett Lowder, Wake Forest1133.081616099.126105.243
SPHurston Waldrep, Florida623.20171709033140.223
RPRyan Bruno, Stanford612.72310139.23874.170
RPAndrew Walters, Miami011.652401332.2662.116
UTPaul Skenes, LSU1032.731515085.23096.226

Second Team

CMichael Carico, Davidson.406/.559/.8431.401197211215746353
1BCarter Graham, Stanford.332/.402/.6411.043262131227927561
2BChristian Knapczyk, Louisville.346/.480/.465.945217124227412717
3BJake Gelof, Virginia.377/.477/.7641.241212152218141492
SSJacob Gonzalez, Ole Miss.273/.405/.558.96324293185250324
OFEnrique Bradfield Jr., Vanderbilt.317/.415/.498.913243105834414046
OFJack Hurley, Virginia Tech.375/.452/.6641.1162322311455325110
OFRyan Lasko, Rutgers.349/.431/.6431.0752582421651304313
DHMatt Shaw, Maryland.290/.381/.604.9862451102266344612
UTNolan McLean, Oklahoma State.285/.397/.595.9922421611947371072
SPHunter Elliott, Ole Miss532.70201208034102.206
SPCarter Holton, Vanderbilt743.391515074.12997.191
SPWill Sanders, South Carolina633.3615150833191.249
SPJason Savacool, Maryland832.9317160107.127122.213
SPJuaron Watts-Brown, Oklahoma State443.681512073.130110.197
RPWill Privette, College of Charleston310.912501259.11580.156
RPBrady Tygart, Arkansas343.35240837.22251.215
UTNolan McLean, Oklahoma State214.97230525.11339.206

Third Team

CKyle Teel, Virginia.276/.402/.439.84122112364441363
1BCJ Kayfus, Miami.366/.460/.525.985238121851383616
2BRoc Riggio, Oklahoma State.295/.413/.519.932210140114734582
3BYohandy Morales, Miami.328/.411/.6471.058241173185934606
SSMaui Ahuna, Tennessee.396/.479/.6341.112202164848284913
OFCarlos Contreras, Sam Houston.400/.468/.7131.181230186148927282
OFChase Davis, Arizona.289/.414/.583.997235131185448664
OFNolan Schanuel, FAU.369/.477/.6581.1342251701656392211
DHAustin Bost, Texas A&M.360/.451/.5721.023236143104434297
UTBraden Montgomery, Stanford.294/.361/.596.957245162185718736
SPDrew Beam, Tennessee802.381615075.22262.190
SPDrue Hackenberg, Virginia Tech1023.301716092.21987.259
SPCade Kuehler, Campbell464.07161508438111.184
SPQuinn Mathews, Stanford923.082810999.151118.217
SPLevi Wells, Texas State833.0718160913286.233
RPBen Ferrer, Oregon State401.72241362.21478.175
RPCamden Minacci, Wake Forest242.18300645.11859.204
UTBraden Montgomery, Stanford026.48133116.22124.197

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